I’m currently researching and writing my next book: SPARK: Fire up your confidence, influence and courage though self-leadership.

In light of world events over the last 12+ months, no one has been left untouched by uncertainty, stress and the need to be agile with the unknown. The concept of self-leadership and how leaders learn, maintain and grow their self-leadership underpins the research and book.

It’s in challenging times, when leaders often need to dig deep into their own self-belief, worth, value and efficacy.

Over the last few weeks I have been conducting interviews, asking, amongst other questions, what one thing do you wish you know about self-leadership when you first stepped into a leadership role?

One interviewee shared with me that he wish he knew that he couldn’t do everything himself. 

Delegating is how you make sure everything gets done knowing you can’t do it all yourself. Delegating is a key part of leadership success but delegating requires:

  • trust in the team
  • confidence in the process
  • courage to let go
  • influence to delegate
  • integrity to put ones ego in check

Those with strong self-leadership are going to have an easier time of delegating than those who struggle with boundaries, values alignment, self-worth, and control.

Reflect on the last time you delegated or were delegated to, what worked and what could’ve have been handled better? Having identified those, how are they related to self-leadership?

What do you wish you knew?


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