Coaching and Mentoring

Helping managers reach their leadership

potential through coaching and mentoring


Trusted adviser, role model, voice of reason, sounding board… 

Having been in many leadership roles, including CEO, you, your management team and high potentials will receive clear guidance, support and  expertise delivered through one-to-one or group mentoring sessions.

  • Mentoring sessions are available in packages of 6, 9 or 12. 
  • Sessions run fortnightly or monthly.

I could not speak more highly of the mentoring and advice that she provided during this process. Sally is firm and focused when needed, yet always supportive. She is exceptionally well qualified as a coach, both professionally and personally, and her ethical approach to business relationships is, to me, one of Sally’s defining qualities. Her personal warmth and wonderful attitude instill confidence in making career decisions based on integrity and self-reflection. Sally is a gifted coach and mentor and most definitely “walks the talk.” Allison Heller



Improved performance and productivity. Focusing on the future to help you or your managers reach their leadership potential. As a certified Executive Coach, you or your managers will set a clear plan, put it into action and have accountability along the way to ensure success. Coaching can be delivered through one-to-one or group sessions.

  • Coaching sessions are available in packages of 6, 9 or 12. 
  • Sessions run fortnightly or monthly.
  • OPTIONAL BLENDED PROJECT: Participants can give back to their organisation through implementing a relevant work-based project.

Sally spent time coaching me in leadership and management skills. She gave practical, expert advice which I could apply straight away. Tough insights delivered by a supportive coach.Thanks Sally. Catrin Hobart

Supporting Resource:

Management Success Cards

65 colour-coded management skill development cards designed to coach you through your professional development. The 12 essential management skills are covered in the deck. Each card will inspire and drive you to think and act confidently, productively and successfully.