Sally Foley-Lewis

Inspiring Managers to Lead

In the simplest of terms, Sally helps managers lead through engaging, inspiring and expert experiences: presentations and workshops.

Blending skills development, confidence boosting, and inspired action are the key ingredients in what Sally delivers. 

Live in Person

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Keynote & Conference Speaker

Engage and Inspire

  • It Starts With You: Self-Leadership
  • Why You Matter
  • Productive Leadership

Expert Facilitator

Driving Performance

  • Management Team Development
  • Team Roles and Team Building
  • Planning and Prioritising

Interactive Workshops

SFL Facilitating

Skills Development

  • Management Skills
  • Self-Leadership
  • Delegate: Double the Results! Hlave the Effort!
  • Feedback and Performance

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Sally was a vital, positive and engaging expert speaker. Sally was a popular speaker and a vital element of the forum. Her energy and enthusiasm for her subject is infectious, her delivery I would describe as electric as she buzzes across the stage. One delegate described her in the feedback as simply “Brilliant.” I highly recommend Sally as a speaker.

Clare Mansbridge, Communications Events Project Manager

Informed, prepared, calm & collected but possessing the right energy to keep a large group engaged throughout the whole duration of the workshop.

Attendee - Women In Leadership workshop December 2020

She’s a great speaker, kind, entertaining and achieved the objectives.

Attendee - Women In Leadership workshop December 2020

Sally was incredibly engaging and a wonderful facilitator.

General Manager

QG Air

For Event Organisers

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P.UM.P.™ – Pump Up Your Productivity:

How To Be A More Productive Leader

It’s a cruel irony that in a world of immense connectivity, we feel increasingly disconnected and unproductive. Incessant emails, phone calls and social media alerts steal precious productive and personal time. It seems impossible to switch off.

Your audience will:

  • Instantly boost productivity by up to 40%.
  • Identify time waters and how to remove them.
  • understand the importance of goal getting rather than goal setting.
  • take back control of their day.
  • master essential people management skills that can directly impact team and leader productivity.

Aligned with Sally’s book The Productive Leader: Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Gain 2 Hours Per Day.

Self-Leadership: Unleash Your Personal Power!

A fun and interactive presentation that helps your people to identify their blocks to success, understand healthy boundaries, rid the imposter syndrome, and build networks and confidence in order to be a more effective and productive contributor to the organisation. This is no ordinary session, super heroes will be unleashed!

Your audience will:

  • Learn how to identify and align their top values to their work and organisation/business.
  • Rid their imposter syndrome so they can amplify their value and visibility.
  • Boost their personal power and confidence to speak up and take a seat at the right table at the right time.
  • Identify and set healthy boundaries.
  • Unleash their super powers.



DELEGATE: Double the Results! Halve your Effort!

Leaders with high level delegator skills can boost revenue 33% more than managers who don’t delegate. Delegation is one of the most easily accessible yet rarely utilised tools for improving on the job development, productivity and profit.

Your audience will:

  • Identify and rid their roadblocks to delegating.
  • Learn what delegating really is and what it really isn’t.
  • The three secrets to delegation success.
  • The delegation map and how to follow it.
  • The 9 step model to delegating confidently and successfully every single time.

Aligned with Sally’s book DELEGATE: Double the Results! Halve the Effort!

Flipped Feedback

How Leaders can increase performance, motivate and engage their team

Giving and receiving feedback can automatically trigger anxiety, defensiveness and stress for both the giver and receiver. In one study only 8% of companies surveyed believed their performance management process is highly effective in deriving business value. Flipping feedback equips leaders to hold effective feedback conversations that increase performance, boost motivation and engage their team.

Your audience will:

  • understand what feedback conversations really are and what they shouldn’t be.
  • learn the deeper value of feedback through the 4 A’s.
  • reveal motivators and demotivators that can impact performance.
  • take away the structure and confidence to guide any feedback conversation.
  • learn the one essential secret to change happening post feedback conversations.

Aligned with Sally’s book Successful Feedback: How Leaders Can Increase Performance, Motivate and Engage Their Team.


Making Managers Productive, Profitable and Promotable.

The Key Skills Every Manager Needs to Lead

 It’s time to change the rhetoric that managers are bad: that people don’t leave organisations they leave managers. Stepping into a management role can be challenging: shifting away from operational tasks or a specialist skillset towards people management. Managers need to master essential people management skills as they shift into leadership. From task to team; from managing own workload to being responsible for others results; to add team leadership into the everyday alongside self-leadership. 

45 min or less presentation – The Big 3!

60min or longer presentation – The Big 5! 

Your audience will:

  • grasp the need to balance task and team; own workload and team performance.
  • discover the value of clear expectations and the impact of assumptions.
  • learn how to drive performance through effective, fast and open feedback.
  • find out how delegating properly can develop, engage and empower.
  • discern when to ask and when to tell.
  • see how they can lead more effectively when they have less answers and more questions. 



Client Testimonials

Sally is a joy to work with.  I have had the pleasure of working with Sally both as a coach and in a training capacity.  As a trainer Sally is fully of energy, engaging and incredibly creative.

She brings the best out in people and keeps the enthusiasm in the room, even in the face of a tough audience.  Her ideas for our away day were brilliant, on budget and enjoyed by everyone who participated.

Sarah Carney Green

Technical Delivery Manager, Microsoft

Sally presented a workshop for our team last week. Brilliant! If you’re looking for someone to turn on some light bulbs around productivity, look Sally up!”

Marilyn Davies


Sally is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with Sally both as a coach and in a training capacity. As a trainer Sally is full of energy, engaging and incredibly creative. She brings the best out in people and keeps the enthusiasm in the room, even in the face of a tough audience. Her ideas for our away day were brilliant, on budget and enjoyed by everyone who participated.

Sarah Green

Regional Marketing Manager

Sally was the MC and presented at a skills forum where I was also presenting. Sally engagement with the participants was a delight to watch and equally to experience.

The content of her session was high quality and demanded attention. Her humour and warmth made her presentation very memorable.

Frances Cahill

Public Speaking Coach, Polish Your Pitch