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The Productive Leader

Whether you’re a CEO, HR professional, Manager or Employer, the way you lead yourself, your workload and your team will determine how successful you will be. Your ability to identify, adapt to and implement key strategies and skills to boost productivity has never been more important than now.



Successful Feedback

Do you avoid giving feedback? Are you sick of awkward conversations, dancing around the issue? Would you like more confidence to give effective, engaging feedback?

Successful Feedback removes the guesswork out of giving and receiving feedback and performance conversations.

Delegation Book

Management Skills


Do you feel it would be easier if you just do it yourself. You want to delegate but don’t know how. You don’t know if you can trust the work will get done to the right standard. Are you ready to double your results and halve your effort?

Delegate gives you clear guidance on how to effectively delegate to your team.


Personal & Professional Development

Manage Up: Amplify your Visibility, Voice and Value

 As a Manager the way you lead yourself, manage up to senior leadership, take a seat at the table and contribute is critical for reaching your potential. Your ability to amplify your visibility, voice and value has never been more important in today’s fast changing workplace. 


Management Skills

Management Success Cards

65 colour-coded management skill development cards designed to coach you through your professional development. The 12 essential management skills are covered in the deck. Each card will inspire and drive you to think and act confidently, productively and successfully.