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I make you the high performing, purposeful and productive leader we both know you can be!

I make you the high performing, purposeful and productive leader we both know you can be!



I help you get on with your work and get on with your peers, teams and senior leaders!

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Sally Foley Lewis Conference Speaker
Sally Foley Lewis MC
Sally Foley Lewis Keynote Speaker
Sally Foley Lewis Keynote Speaker
Sally Foley Lewis - Superwoman

People and Management Skills to ensure your managers stop struggling, start leading and driving performance.

About Sally Foley-Lewis

Speaker, Coach, Author

Obsessed with productivity and leadership: Sally helps people get on with their work and get on with their peers, teams and senior leaders.

She shows you the way to be more productive, to engage more, reduce stress and take back two hours per day! To simply have more productive leaders and teams!

She’s helped thousands boost their productivity and leadership skills internationally and across Australia.

Sally has been a manager; she was a CEO, so she understands first hand the pressure of balancing your own workload, leading the team, and delivering the required outcomes.

She is an accomplished Speaker, Author and Executive Coach and a much sought after event MC.

Sally Foley-Lewis

Companies Sally’s Worked With

Griffith Uni
Vigor Events
Smit Lamnalco

What a fantastic session at our recent conference! Sally shared examples and information that were relatable, equipping us with effective productivity strategies and reminded us of good habits we may have let slide.

From GM and through the entire group, everyone has learnt new tools and the buzz following the event indicates people are actually implementing them.

Thanks Sally for sharing your knowledge and practical tips, and throwing in some laughs!

Sally’s information, tools, energy and interaction meant it was the best session of the conference!

Abby Fields

Team Leader, Queensland Cancer Council

Sally is the best! I was lucky to work with her on the Productive Leader Seminar in Kuwait.

One of the most cooperative and professional speakers I have worked with. Not only she is engaging, knowledgeable and interactive during the seminar, but also she is a smooth communicator, understanding and modest when dealing with others.

She was very present and responsive from the first contact and contributed in making a very successful event with a very high clients’ feedback.

I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her and will never hesitate to work with her again whenever there’s an opportunity.

Abdul-Quom Ali

Marketing and Event Coordinator , Vigor-Enterprise

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