I help Middle Managers improve and move

I turn Middle Managers into the Leaders people want to follow.

I help Middle Managers lead!


I help managers love their work, and their people to love working for them!

About Sally Foley-Lewis

Speaker, Trainer, Author

I get cranky every time I hear, “People don’t leave organisations, they leave their manager.”

I want managers to love their work and lead people who love to follow them.

Having been a CEO, I know first hand how lonely it can be while also dealing with the pressure to achieve more, and keep the team engaged and productive.

I’ve worked with thousands of managers across a diverse range of industries to help them achieve more with less stress; to lead effectively and productively; and to either get more joy from their role or prepare for their promotion!

Sally Foley-Lewis

Companies Sally’s Worked With

Griffith Uni
Vigor Events
Smit Lamnalco

What a fantastic session at our recent conference! Sally shared examples and information that were relatable, equipping us with effective productivity strategies and reminded us of good habits we may have let slide.

From GM and through the entire group, everyone has learnt new tools and the buzz following the event indicates people are actually implementing them.

Thanks Sally for sharing your knowledge and practical tips, and throwing in some laughs!

Sally’s information, tools, energy and interaction meant it was the best session of the conference!

Abby Fields

Team Leader, Queensland Cancer Council

Sally is the best! I was lucky to work with her on the Productive Leader Seminar in Kuwait.

One of the most cooperative and professional speakers I have worked with. Not only she is engaging, knowledgeable and interactive during the seminar, but also she is a smooth communicator, understanding and modest when dealing with others.

She was very present and responsive from the first contact and contributed in making a very successful event with a very high clients’ feedback.

I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her and will never hesitate to work with her again whenever there’s an opportunity.

Abdul-Quom Ali

Marketing and Event Coordinator , Vigor-Enterprise

I had the pleasure of attending Sally’s Boost Your Productivity Workshop and a follow up one-one session.

I found Sally helped me understand the important elements of my role to give me focus, change my schedule and get the most out of my ‘peaks’, to allow me to improve my productivity at work, my staff and my life in general.

Sally delivers her sessions with energy, humour, well-founded experience and memorable anecdotes. I walked away feeling energised, and ready to take on my new role with a plan and enthusiasm.

Jennifer Torrens

Strategic Planner, Coffs Harbour City Council

Sally’s secret skill is to teach us practical tools to change our behaviours so we can increase our personal productivity and the productivity of the people we lead.

Gone are the days where productivity is equated solely to time management. Sally has shown me how to better focus on the effectiveness of my efforts in order to be more productive, and therefore get more done!

If you need help when it comes to your productivity, then I strongly suggest you speak to Sally.


Author, Mel Kettle & Associates