Self-doubt will naturally pop up from time to time. Even the most confident, well-grounded, people will have moments of self-doubt. Known as imposter syndrome, it’s the thoughts that indicate to us that we’re undeserving of opportunities and achievements and successes.

While it might not be easy to stop the self-doubt or imposter syndrome showing up, you can act to make the most of the moment and benefit from it.

  1. Embrace not being the smartest person in the room.

According to Dr Amantha Imber, a behavioural science consultant, you appear more confident when you’re humble and have the courage to ask about what you don’t know.

  1. Reframe the feeling of self-doubt.

Rather than trying to squash or ignore the triggers and feelings of self-doubt, embrace them as moments of truth. As a professional speaker, speaking for many, many years now, I still get nervous and I love that. I want to do well for my clients, I want to serve and be helpful so if some nerves show up I embrace them. I harness that energy and use it on stage.

Nerves showing up help me stay humble and on purpose. Nerves keep me grounded and remind me that I always have capacity to grow and improve.

  1. Feedback 

Sometimes feedback can sting, especially being told you’ve done something wrong. But if you don’t get the feedback, how will you ever know and get the opportunity to grow. Often feedback is delivered poorly (that’s a BIG conversation for another day), and that can often affect how the learning can happen. Look past the delivery to the content and choosing to see the positive intent and reflect on how you can apply the feedback.

You may not always get feedback from others, leaving it up to you to source ways to learn more about yourself: increase your self-awareness. This is where tools like Motivators, is valuable for helping you to quickly recognise situations that will make you more successful. For example, being able to find ways to pursue the right opportunities or courses of action for the right reasons to get the results you desire. This will naturally positively impact your confidence, minimising any self-doubt.

What do you do to crush self-doubt?