Merriam-Webster has released their word of the year 2020… shocker, it’s pandemic!


I really thought pivot would make an appearance however Merriam-Webster use data from looking up words rather than simply word usage.

You can check the top 11 words here.

What is your word for 2020?

You may be aware that each year our street, our neighbours, have a Christmas party. In a world where a sense of community seems to have dwindled over the years, I feel so grateful to live in a street of community-minded people. This year’s roundabout at the top of our street has been decorated again. I love the theme given, at the time of setting it up, we’re in a heatwave!

We took a moment when seated around the table to share our respective lessons from this year.

It was quite nice to hear comments like:

  • It was nice to slow down
  • People are being more authentic
  • I got to think more 
  • People seemed more patient

I realised that when we went into our first lockdown my go-to knee jerk reaction was to be helpful. It was such a privilege to conduct more than 20 one-on-one coaching sessions and 37 team drop-ins to support organisations as they got themselves settled into a new way of working and adjusting at break-neck speed.

I did have my moment and mourned the loss of a lot of work but some perspective, planning and re-connecting with purpose got me back on track.

The year has ended with a lot of speaking, coaching and facilitating workshops – both online and face to face – a return to my happy place!

A big lesson for 2020 and beyond is taking online delivery to a new level, a real online keynote experience for the audience or dynamic and interactive workshop. Learning the tech and pushing the right buttons in the right order has had me on a steep but interesting learning curve. 

I now have a dedicated studio…

Time has been a silver lining. I’ve been able to add to my offering: to be of more value to others.

During COVID-19, I became certified in Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (360 and individual), Emotional Intelligence Quotient assessment, DISC Behavioural Profile and Motivators. These are in addition to my current Belbin Team Roles and Conflict Dynamics Profile.

The assessments, de-briefs and coaching sessions conducted with people these last few months have been inspiring. The leaders have created well grounded and galvanising action plans that help them see out 2020 and set themselves and their teams for success in 2021. They inspire me!

Another silver lining of 2020 has been the time and space to work on three big projects:

Professional Development Book Club

The PDBC™️ has been rebranded! The membership has grown steadily; the books have been diverse; and conversations have been insightful.

I appreciate the members so much as the combined wisdom that comes together each quarter makes me smarter!

An internal, customised book club is also now available.

Management Success Books

This year I have added companion workbooks to go with the Management Success Cards. There are more workbooks to come but COVID-19 has allowed time and space to start creating these for busy managers.

SPARK: Fire up your confidence, influence and courage through


The self-leadership book will be released in 2021. 

Focusing on shifting from indifferent or insecure to confident, motivated and courageous to speak up, stand out to lead yourself and others with influence and impact.

I trust that no matter what 2020 threw at you, that as you close out this year you can look back and acknowledge positive lessons, silver linings and opportunities to let go of what was not serving you or your team.

I wish that for you, during the toughest times you may have experienced this year, you can now reflect and see how they may have shaped you, helped you grow, made you wiser. 

I’d love to know what has been a lesson, a silver lining or a letting go you’ve experienced and happy to share?

May this festive season be truly safe, relaxing, peaceful and a time to recharge ready to take 2021 with both hands and kick huge goals.