Last week, we started the first of the series on SUCCESS, where we talked about what truly defines success, the power of strategy in making hard work easy in Middle Management and some ways to effectively implement a strategic plan to make it successful. If you hadn’t had a chance to read through it, take a look here.

Today, let’s focus on opportunities and luck.

They say ‘luck favours the prepared’ and in Middle Management opportunities are the currency of success. Recognising these chances and transforming them into favourable outcomes is an art.


Here’s how you can seize opportunities and create luck:

  1. The Art of Insightful Observation

Credible studies, such as those conducted by Harvard Business Review, emphasise the pivotal role of keen observation in spotting opportunities. As a Middle Manager, developing a sharp eye for recognising subtle shifts in market trends, emerging needs, or gaps in the competition is imperative. The ability to discern potential opportunities often stems from a deep understanding of your industry, your organisation and the broader business landscape.

Example: In a case study published by McKinsey, a Middle Manager keenly observed a shift in consumer preferences towards sustainable products. Leveraging this insight, the Manager proposed a new product line, not only meeting a growing market demand but also positioning the company as an industry leader in sustainability.


  1. Strategic Networking as an Opportunity Magnet

The importance of networking cannot be overstated. The more expansive and diverse your professional network, the more likely you are to encounter opportunities. Research from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania asserts that individuals with larger and more diverse networks tend to have access to a broader range of opportunities. Actively engaging in industry events, professional associations and online platforms can significantly broaden your scope of potential opportunities.

Example: A Middle Manager attending an industry conference not only expanded their network but also discovered a partnership opportunity that led to a significant project for their team.


  1. Proactive Initiatives

The concept of creating luck is not about relying solely on happenstance. It involves a proactive mindset of seeking and generating opportunities. As a Middle Manager, you can instigate luck by aligning your team’s goals with broader organisation objectives and industry trends.

Example: By proactively engaging in cross-functional projects, a Middle Manager created an opportunity for their team to showcase their skills to upper management, leading to increased visibility and career advancement opportunities.   


Always think outside the box and seek out opportunities for you and your team. Don’t be afraid to grow your network and get to know other people, even those from outside of your organisation or industry. Who knows, by just networking with a few like-minded people, you get an amazing opportunity for your team, or even a partnership for your organisation. With that in mind, you have to be confident enough to network and represent your team and organisation in the best way possible. The CONFIDENCE Program™: Middle Managers Mastermind is your gateway to not only enhance your skills but also discover your true potential as a leader. Learn more about the program here.


Next week, I’ll share more about success focusing on ‘Cultivating a Growth Mindset: The Key to Resilience.’