Watching yourself on video or in photos is always valuable for learning, you get an insight into your body language as you deliver a speech, pitch or presentation.

Clearly I can be quite animated.

I told a personal story in order to connect with the audience on deeper level. The purpose of the story was to highlight a lesson on the importance of presence and the impact on your people.

Storytelling is such a powerful tool for connecting, and you don’t have to be a Tony Robbins, Oprah or Mark Twain to tell a story. [But practising your story will help you improve it and reduce your nerves.] Tell a personal story that demonstrates a learning and you’ll connect better with your people. A story has more connection and engagement ‘power’ than just information and data dissemination.

Emotional engagement leads to faster buy-in so when pitching or persuading the better the buy-in the quicker the next steps can begin. 

I’d love to know your thoughts.