As you recall, I’m sharing my leadership lessons from my recent walking of the Portuguese Coastal Camino. I’m sharing what I had put on Facebook for my family and friends so you have context.

I think it’s important to take time to reflect on the adventures of your life and ask what lessons could there be for me, for others.

At this point, I’m somewhere in the middle of the 280km / 174 miles.

My Facebook post from the Camino…

The ground strip lighting for pedestrians got me thinking…

As a leader, what are the behaviours that are telling you something that you should be aware of?

For example, we’re all on our phones, looking down, so put key messages down, not up. I’ve also seen this in shopping malls… big stickers on the floor not just signs hanging from the ceiling.

Many organisations are operating some form of hybrid arrangement, when the team are in the office, avoid being on screens, limit the Teams, Zooms, GoogleMeets … make the most of the face to face time to do team building, ideation, creativity, group problem solving.

Ask your people what is an obvious fix for them or for the team? They might surprise you.

I’d love to know what they tell you, please let me know.

I appreicate you.