Have you ever shared some information with your team and then later heard back along the vine an unexpected interpretation of your own message? Or importance placed on only one aspect of your message – an aspect that was not, in your opinion, as critical as other parts of your message?

Yes …

Productive Leadership Tips:

📌 Before communicating check:

  • Am I clear about what I want my team to know, feel, do?
  • Do I have all the information I can possibly have at this time to ensure I am as clear, open and effective in my communication as possible?
  • What might my team members latch onto as I share this message, and what impact might that have on productivity and morale?

📌 If your direct reports have latched onto less critical or incorrect information, and it’s impacting performance and team productivity, address it quickly and respectfully – you may have to own the cause of their interpretation – so that potential gossip doesn’t (continue to) impact the team culture.

📌 Check that everyone is on the same page with you. Check for understanding, allow people to ask questions, be explicit about inviting people to ask (don’t assume they know they can come to you).

I’d love to know your thoughts.