Happy New Year!

I hope that your end of 2023 was restful, rewarding and re-energising.

We’ve had our summer storms where we live over the new year period but we’re okay, unfortunately in some other areas not so much. Just take a look at this view and how still and calm this was. I’ve taken this after one storm and it’s a perfect reminder that you can’t truly appreciate the sun without having to experience the rain. As Bob Ross, host of “The Joy of Painting,” would put it, “You need the dark in order to show the light.”

How was your 2023?

What were your biggest wins, challenges or surprises?

What hurdles taught you valuable lessons?

What were your ‘rainy’ days last year that made you appreciate the brighter days? After the rain comes the rainbow.

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, it’s the perfect moment to pause, reflect and set the tone for the 12 months ahead. Instead of embarking on the traditional New Year’s resolution, shift your focus to something more profound and impactful: INTENTIONS.

Reflect on Last Year’s Lessons and Wins

Before you think about the possibilities of the future, take a moment to look back. Reflect on the lessons and wins of the past year. It can be all too easy to ruminate on what we didn’t get, achieve, what we missed out on, what didn’t work. This doesn’t boost our confidence in ourselves or in our own leadership. Even the small victories deserve acknowledgment. What were your standout achievements? What challenges did you overcome? Recognising and celebrating these moments is not just a pat on the back; it’s a powerful motivator for the journey ahead. It’s a testament to your resilience as a middle manager, adaptability and the continuous growth that comes with your role as leader.

The wins might include successfully steering your team through a challenging project, fostering a positive work culture or perhaps even your personal development milestones. Every victory, no matter how small, contributes to the bigger picture of your leadership journey.

I posted this on Facebook on the 31st December 2023:

The sun is setting in 2023…

We [as in my husband and I]…

  • Lost ~52kg

  • Earned one Certified Speaking Professional medal

  • Won $34 on lotto

  • Hosted a wicked fun wedding in our front yard

  • Walked 560 km (Portuguese Camino)

  • Complained about my feet every single day on the Camino

  • Visited x number cities on 5 continents

  • Attended one Isle of Mann TT

  • Drank too many ciders

  • Visited the world’s weirdest/best gin distillery

  • Blew up one ride-on mower

  • Published one book

  • Improved track time by 11 seconds

  • Worked with the world’s no.1 FMCG product in 2 global regions, 3 times.

  • Delivered one 3-day online global conference for middle managers

  • Was prescribed 5 pairs of glasses

  • Did one girls weekend

  • Won 5 awards

  • Ran a book club

  • Did one retreat in Bali

  • Served one term on a board

  • Traded in a beloved Jazz

  • Bought a new car

  • Attended one awesome street Christmas party

If that was 2023, 2024 … brace yourself, we’re just getting started!

Thank you to all our family and friends who cheered us on.

2024: more social gatherings with friends, that’s a top priority on our list!


Define Your Leadership Intentions

Redefine your path and set clear intentions. What kind of leader do you want to be in 2024? Take a moment to articulate your aspirations and values and let them guide your intentions.

Consider aspects like team collaboration, decision-making and your overall leadership style. Do you aim to foster a more collaborative team culture, where every voice is heard and ideas flourish? Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance your decision-making skills, making swift and effective choices that alight with your team’s goals. Your intentions should reflect not only what you want to achieve but also the kind of leader you aspire to be.

As you define your intentions, remember that they are not rigid goals set in stone. Intentions are more about the journey than the destination. They offer a flexible framework, allowing you to adapt and evolve as you go through it.


What Will You Choose for Yourself?

In this fresh chapter, the canvas is blank, waiting for you to paint your story. What will you choose for yourself as a middle manager stepping into 2024? Your intentions are the brushstrokes that will shape your leadership canvas.

Will you choose to be a leader who empowers their team, a beacon of inspiration for those you lead? Will you prioritise creating an inclusive work environment, where diversity is celebrated and each team member feels valued? Or perhaps you’re setting the intention to focus on your own growth, honing your skills and embracing new challenges with enthusiasm.

Your choices matter. They create the narrative of your leadership journey. Ditch the resolutions that often quickly fade away and erode your confidence: embrace the power of intentions and if you need help please let me know. A new program – The Confidence Program: Middle Managers Mastermind can help you and your team achieve better results, leading to greater value to the organisation.


So, here’s to a year of intentionality, growth and meaningful leadership. May your journey be filled with purpose and may every intention you set become a stepping stone to you and your team’s success.

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with new opportunities and endless possibilities! If you need help with setting your goals and intentions this year, let me know.