I had a great mood lifting ideas conversation yesterday with a friend and speaker colleague.

During our conversation we reflected on the last time we had a real break from work. When did you have an actual, r-e-a-l break away from your work, ?

If you have been able to get away, unplug, switch off, even while staying at home, that’s great. I’ve spoken with many leaders who have struggled to switch off fully during normal circumstances but with the pandemic it’s been even harder.

Stress, frustration, exhaustion, burnout are very real results of WFH or hybrid arrangements, ebbs and flows with restrictions and the ever shifting dates on when we’ll be vaccinated ‘enough’ to be able to travel more, do more, go further.

Comedy, having a laugh, is a one thing we both agreed can do to help lift spirts during a break and when a break might be tougher to achieve.

Enjoy this 10 minutes of pure silliness…

This does not obviously or automatically fix any significant issues that might be at play that can affect mental, physical and intellectual wellbeing.

I do hope though, it’s given you a giggle.

As a leader I know that you focus on making sure your team are okay, do you do the same for yourself?

Remember to use the resources your organisation has on hand for yourself or call your local community support line, like Lifeline on 13 11 14.