Happy New Year!

I hope that your end of 2022 was restful, rewarding and re-energising.

Did you take a moment to reflect on your lessons, insights and wins?

Here are a few of mine:

  • When I have a big goal I’m more accountable to achieving it.
  • When I set a big goal the universe will test my resolve – always!
  • I was reminded that there will always be people who will be happy for your success and those who simply won’t be.
  • We are not for everyone.
  • Working smart and hard will be rewarded.
  • Resting and self-care help me work smarter and harder.

In 2022, I had the honour and privilege of working with amazing people including Coca-Cola, University of Southern Queensland, Multicap, Tri-Star, QICB, Subway Sandwich Systems, and leaders from multiple government agencies and departments; the insurance, legal, banking and finance industries and NGOs from across the world. I have this to help me reflect on the amazing people I get to meet and the presentations and workshops I get to deliver.

I said farewell to some clients while I got to work with new ones. I missed out on some opportunities but also had some fantastic experiences delivering programs with dedicated professionals.

I didn’t write my 5th book like I had planned or thought I would but I did launch the Middle Managers Online Muster and I’ve begun planning this year’s Muster. Save the date: 6-8th July 2023!

A big win that means more to me than to any body else is that I earned my Certified Speaking Professional accreditation. According to information at hand, fewer than 10% of speakers hold this professional designation, approximately 90 CSPs in Australia and 750 worldwide. One of the parts of this I’m really proud of is that I did this during COVID!

What are your 2022 lessons and wins?

I don’t set new year’s resolutions but I do love the sense of renewal that a 31st December to 1st January provides. 

If you set resolutions then today’s the day to ditch them, apparently. It is DITCH YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION DAY:

“The History of Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is as old as New Year’s Resolutions. In the inebriated, hopeful light of the dawn of the New Year, we all believe that the next year is going to be different, that we won’t go back to our old habits, and we won’t let things continue as they are. What a terrible shame that, year after year, New Year’s Resolutions are shown to be about as effective as a hole-ridden umbrella is at keeping the rain out.

So don’t keep yourself tied to them any longer, realize that you’ve got to make real strides, all year long to make any kind of change happen, and start looking at real lifestyle changes. Little bits at a time you can make whole life resolutions, and leave the bitter disappointment of not going down a few sizes in the dirt of changing a lifetime of bad habits.”

While I don’t know how legitimate this DAY actually is, it presents us with choice we can all make. Ditch or do.

Choice is powerful – even when we feel as though the options in front of us are not entirely ideal. They could be tolerable for the short term until a new set of choices arise.

What will you choose for yourself?

My new year’s wish for you is that you get to choose you – it’s easy to put everyone and everything before ourselves and while that’s okay from time to time, consistently putting ourselves last is unhealthy. 

Whether it’s health, personal life, hobbies, relationships, career – my wish is that you get to choose you.

Let me know what you think…

Thank you for being part of my 2022, I am grateful for you. If I can help you in any way this year, please reach out.