I’m very good at delegating – people work much better when they have a real sense of responsibility.

Anna Wintour

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Delegating can develop, delight and destress!


Done well, delegating has multiple benefits for you, your team and the organisation.

The organisation benefits: 

  • Skilled employees ready to step up – succession planning
  • Employer of choice for using delegation as a tool for development
  • Increased productivity through the entire organisation

The team / /department benefits:

  • Reduced bottle necking when the manager is on leave
  • Skilled and engaged team
  • Career growth 

Benefits to you as the manager:

  • More time to work on the right work at the right time
  • Work continues while you’r eon leave
  • Reputation for trusting and developing your people
  • Succession planning

If delegating hasn’t worked in the past don’t let that stop you from delegating in the future. Delegating successfully creates an environment that engages the team and an engaged team is a more productive team.

Keep in mind that when you delegate well you create development opportunities for your team, you can lighten your load (to some degree), and it can contribute to reducing stress.

I’d love to know your experiences of delegating.

If you need support to delegate, let me know.

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