If you want to get your work done faster, stop multitasking!

Did you know that you lose up to 40% of productivity when you multitask? 40%. Can you afford to lose 40%? I know I can’t.

One of the things when it comes to multitasking is that we’re actually really, really bad at it and it’s not really multitasking, it’s task switching and then there’s time wasted going between the tasks and there’s energy wasted and there’s focus that has to be shifted backwards and forwards. It’s actually not multitasking, it’s task switching.

So here’s the thing. Stop doing it.

When you have really in-depth high level thinking – you know activities and tasks that require you to think and concentrate for a period of time to get it done – then turn everything else off. Get rid of the other distractions. Let others know that this is what you need to do. Set yourself up for success. It’s so important for you to carve out those situations where you’re multitasking and you’re not present and you’re not focused on what you’re meant to be doing. It’s so important.


The other thing is finding out in your day to day where you’re going to be the most productive to do that high level work. Schedule YOU into your calendar, so that you know that when you’ve got the best amount of energy and ability to focus, that’s the time when you cut everything else out and you stop multitasking. Okay, I’m watching you.


Over the course of a day when are you at your best?

What do you normally multitask?

How much more work do you think you’d get done if you removed all the distractions and work on one task at a time?

I’d love to know your thoughts…