The Productive Leader Package

Boost Productivity & Leadership

Global team – No problem!
Geographically dispersed team members – No problem!
Timezone headaches – No problem!

Book + Online Seminar + One-On-One Coaching


    For up to 15 team members / employees / stakeholders, each person receives:

    1. A copy of The Productive Leader
    2. Participation in a 90 minute online live and interactive seminar, (includes handouts, recording and transcript)
    3. A One-on-One Coaching Session following the seminar

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    About the seminar:

    A 90 minute online live seminar to dive deeper into the three key areas of mastering productive leadership. This session will give your team:

    • deeper insight into the specific areas they need to focus on to boost their productivity.
    • understanding of how to engage their colleagues, direct reports and key personnel more effectively for greater productivity and to achieve results faster without adding extra stress.
    • strategies to achieve more.
    • tips and tools to implement immediately to boost productivity.

    This seminar will include knowledge transfer plus interactivity through exercises and discussion.

    About the Book

    Time Management is a myth!

    The demand to do more, with no additional resources, in the same or less amount of time is the world we live and work in now. This will not change expect to say that demand for higher, better and more cost effective results will continue to increase.

    Whether you’re a CEO, HR professional, Manager or Employer, the way you lead yourself, your workload and your team will determine how successful you will be. Your ability to identify, adapt to and implement key strategies and skills to boost productivity has never been more important than now.

    This book will:

    ✓ Uncover the key skills and attributes needed for a more productive approach to your work, your life and your team.

    ✓ Explore which habits hinder or help your productive and how these impact on your team and your workload

    ✓ Discover the ways you can amplify your productivity to bring new levels of achievement and success into your life.

    ✓ How you can engage and empower your team to truly drive performance and ramp up their productivity.

      One-on-One Coaching

      To ensure the learning sticks, each person has access to a personal coaching session. This session focuses on removing any blocks to achievement, empowerment for taking ownership of productivity and injecting confidence for improved self-leadership.

      Did you know…


      46% employees skip their lunch breaks entirely in favour of getting though more work.

      Learn the importance of breaks and how breaks boost productivity!

      4.1 Hours

      According to survey data of more than 1,100 white-collar workers, Adobe found an average of 4.1 hours is spent checking work email each day.

      • More than 1,000 hours each year;
      • More than 47,000 hours over a career.

      Take back control of the inbox!


      A study reported in the Journal Of Experimental Psychology found students were students were up to 40% slower to solve complicated maths problems when they had to switch to other tasks.

      Get work done without multitasking!

      This Productive Leader Package:

      Gives clarity and insight into what hinders and helps productivity.

      Allows deeper discussion amongst the team in order to better support each other.

       Provides each attendee with an action plan to instantly boost productivity.

      Supports and guides each person as they boost productivity and improve their self-leadership.

      Provides all the resources needed for greater productivity.

       Empowers each person to take ownership of their productivity while also showing how to be a support to their team.


      Customised Online Interactive Seminar: FOR IN-HOUSE PACKAGES

      To customise the online seminar for your team, participants will complete and submit a questionnaire. The most popular topics I am asked to deliver include:

      Email & Calendar Management

      Sunrise & Sunset Rituals

      Planning & Prioritising

      Giving & Receiving Feedback

      Managing Multiple Priorities

      Delegating Successfully

      Time Wasters & Procrastination

      Problem Solving & Decision Making

      Meetings Management

      Goal Getting™ for Achievement

      Four Easy Steps!

      There are only 4 easy steps to boosting your team’s productivity:

      Step 1


      Schedule Online Seminar

      Participant Survey distributed, if required

      Books shipped

      One-on-One Coaching Sessions scheduled

      Step 2


      Survey’s analysed

      Seminar content created 

      Step 3


      Seminar handouts supplied

      90 min Online Live Interactive Productivity Seminar

      Recording + Transcript Supplied


      Step 4


      Conduct One-on-One Coaching Sessions

      Follow Up Feedback Meeting

      Sally spent time coaching me in leadership and management skills. She gave practical, expert advice which I could applystraightaway. Tough insights delivered by a supportive coach.

      Catrin Hobart

      Snr Marketer

      Sally is exceptionally well qualified as a coach, both professionally and personally, and her ethical approach to business relationships is, to me, one of Sally’s defining qualities. Her personal warmth and wonderful attitude instill confidence in making decisions based on integrity and self-reflection. 

      Allison Heller

      Director Social Strategy

      Sally is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with Sally both as a coach and in a training capacity. She brings the best out in people and keeps the enthusiasm in the room, even in the face of a tough audience. 

      Sarah Carney Green

      Sally is direct, focused and energised. Her ability to listen andidentify quickly the issue/s is powerful and intentional. Sally isperfect at playing ‘devil’s advocate’ and moves quickly to helpyou identify any blockages and develop solutions and methods tomove things forward. I respect Sally’s work immensely.

      Nicholas Volpe

      Finance Industry

      This is for your team if:

      ✓ You want your hardworking team to have more productivity without the added stress

      ✓ You need guidance on where to start and how.

      ✓ You are serious about helping your team to achieve more, reduce stress and take back time in their day.

      ✓ You want your team to get off the hamster wheel of ‘busy’.


      This is not for your team if:

      ✘ You aren’t ready to take positive and effective action which might be challenging at times.

      ✘ You want someone else to do the hard work.

      ✘ You not ready to invest a little extra time and thinking in the short term for a better long term result.


      +61 401 442 464