Manage UP

Group Session

From feeling invisible to being invincible!

From feeling insufficient to be an influencer!

Group session: Wednesday March 10, 2021 2- 3:30pm ET


Thank you for attending and participating in the HRDQU webinar, Managing UP.

We had so much activity in the Question box – it was amazing! And I’ve receved over a hundred separate emails, not just for the freebies, asking specific managing up questions. Given how much interaction and questions we’ve got flying let’s extend the conversation.

All too often managing up focuses primarily on understanding the manager and their style of working, leading and communicating. To manage up successfully professionals must pay attention to three related factors;

1. deepening your understanding of yourself in your work role,
2. understanding your manager’s role, and
3. appreciating their working style.
Investing time in understanding others is always valuable but stopping short at that exposes you to missing key opportunities for being seen as reputable, sociable and knowledgeable: an influencer, in the eyes of those who can determine your next promotion or pay rise.
Like Simon Sinek’s golden circles where why is far more central and critical to engaging others before expanding into the what and how; to manage up successfully, starts with you. Amplify your visibility, voice and value so that when you learn more about your manager and their style, you are better equipped to relate, to speak up, to step up, to play a bigger game: to get a yes from their manager.

In this group session we can dive deeper into your managing up questions and concerns. Here are the details:

– 90 minute group question and answer session
– you can ask your question and listen in to other’s questions
– get the recording for your personal use to refer back to over time
– handout with tempates and for note taking



March 10, 2021 | 2-3:30 pm ET

 A zoom registration will follow where you can submit your question.




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Couldn’t recommend Sally highly enough. Sally took our after lunch session of our National conference and got the group really going. She was engaging, developed relationships with individuals within the group and even more impressively arrived early to watch our key note speaker to ensure some continuity in the presentations. Thank you Sally for all your work leading up to, during and after the session.

Kiarni Morgans

Real Estate

Sally recently spoke at our Teachers Matter Conference in Brisbane. She was fantastic; knowledgable, engaging and skilful. She led our teachers through understanding their personality types and that of others, to ensure they have the skills to work together productively in teams. Participants laughed, learned and had great aha moments. Thanks for being a joy to work with, entertaining, organised and fun!

Karen Tui Boyes, CSP

Spectrum Education

What a fantastic session at our recent conference! Sally shared examples and information that were relatable, equipping us with effective productivity strategies and reminded us of good habits we may have let slide. From GM and through the entire group, everyone has learnt new tools and the buzz following the event indicates people are actually implementing them. Productive times (as a result of the personal graphs), chunking and email etiquette are only a few of the solutions in practice following the session. Thanks Sally for sharing your knowledge and practical tips, and throwing in some laughs! Sally’s information, tools, energy and interaction meant it was the best session of the conference!

Abby Fields

Not For Profit Sector