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I struggled in my transition from a Senior Project Officer to the Executive Officer, a new manager experience! No new manager should ever go through what I went through!  I empower managers to be conscious of their thinking and actions; to be authentic, strong and confident to achieve success in their new role. Your team’s success is your success!


First-time Managers are a unique breed of people. They’re highly motivated, buoyed by their promotion and primed to do a great job. Unfortunately, they may not be equipped with the skills to actually manage and lead their team. That’s where I come in.

In my work I have trained, coached and mentored countless individuals to develop skills, have faith in their own abilities, and to perform more effectively than they’d ever dared hope. But my own training career began when I experienced, as a first-time Manager myself, the new and unfamiliar challenges that the role presented.

I was promoted to manage a small team of employees, some full-time, some part-time, and over a thousand volunteers. Whilst I felt completely confident in my abilities to lead this team, I felt extremely frustrated, even overwhelmed. There was a lack of resources, I was dealing with some difficult team members, restructuring, geographically dispersed staff, multiple bosses, and my own line Manager was overworked, stretched beyond capacity and capability and so was not able to positively manage, guide and support me. I took this stress, frustration and isolation home every day, and you can imagine how unpleasant that was for my home life. I was given an ultimatum! I’m so glad I chose my now husband.

I sought help but wasn’t able to find any. The feedback from my team was positive, but I felt I could be doing better. I wanted to be the absolute best Manager I could be but felt I needed guidance.  Rather than just seeking that guidance at work, I took a more proactive route.  I went out and educated myself as much as I possibly could and took on more diverse roles and opportunities. I also completed Leadership Training, an MBA, Executive Coach Training and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

I don’t want any manager or leader to go through what I went through – especially when I know they don’t have to!

My own story helps to illustrate why I specialise in working with first-time Managers.  I thoroughly enjoy witnessing that ‘light bulb’ moment where they realise a new skill, or change a mindset that allows them to achieve something faster, more smoothly and with ease.

I like to take my clients’ personality and learning style into account, in addition to their range of responsibilities, their professional environment and their employer organisation’s ethos. I like to engage with my clients as human beings first, and then as employees/Managers. Together, we create a solution that not only helps them in their first position as a Manager, but which will serve them well in future roles. Helping clients to transition seamlessly from team member to Manager alleviates a great deal of stress and uncertainty whilst equipping them to focus on the tasks at hand.

Over the years, I’ve lived and worked in a number of Australian cities and towns as well as overseas, in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. I’m very comfortable working with other cultures and communicating with people from a range of backgrounds in my work. I have trained, coached and mentored clients from small to large multinational organisations across a range of industries, such as oil and gas, shipbuilding, construction, telcos, aviation, education, banking, insurance, utilities and government services.

My training and coaching style is to challenge and reward, question and guide. I believe a sense of humour is a valuable training tool and that more can be achieved when the client is relaxed and encouraged. Always professional and practical, but with a good measure of approachability thrown in, I enable successful results.

E:  sally @ sallyfoleylewis.com   |   M: +61 (0)401 442 464   |   Skype: sallyfoleylewis

PO Box 128, St Ives  NSW  2075 Australia 

PO Box 727, Samford QLD 4520 Australia


    • ✒ Master of Business Administration
    • ✒ Graduate Diploma in Management
    • ✒ Bachelor of Leisure Studies
    • ✒ Diploma in Career Guidance
    • ✒ Certificate of Coaching Skills
    • ✒ Certificate of Executive Coaching
    • ✒ Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment

Professional Memberships:

    • ✒ FELLOW: Institute for Learning Practitioners Australia
    • ✒ International Coach Federation
    • ✒ National Speakers Association of Australia – NSW Chapter
      • ✑ 2011: NSW Chapter Leadership Team
      • ✑ 2012: NSW Chapter Leadership Team
    • ✒ Toastmasters International, St Ives Club
      • ✑ 2011/2012 Club Secretary
    • ✒ Australian Institute of Training and Development

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