“Your story was exactly like my story. I wasn’t sure we’d connect as I thought you were ‘corporate’ but when you shared your why, your story, it was like you were talking only to me. Thank you, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this.” Rachel.

Inspiring people to be where they belong and feel valued.

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My Story:

I speak better than I write, so here’s a clip from a speech where I share my story. This short clip tells you my reason – the pain – that drives why I love helping employers, leaders and managers really engage with their staff / team to be happier, more productive so the business can boom and profits can flow. It’s why I speak and present, train and coach, and create resources, all the things I needed when I was in a leadership role…

I skill and empower managers, leaders and business owners to be conscious of their thinking and actions; to be authentic, strong and confident to achieve success in their people management. 

Managers, leaders and business owners are a unique breed of people. They’re highly motivated, buoyed by their situation to lead others. Unfortunately, many may not be equipped with the skills to actually manage and lead a team. That’s where I come in.

Over the last 20 years, I have trained, facilitated, coached and mentored countless individuals to develop skills, have faith in their own abilities, and to perform more effectively than they’d ever dared hope. My own training career began when I experienced, as a first-time Manager, the new, isolating and unfamiliar challenges that the CEO role presented.

I was promoted to manage a team of employees, some full-time, some part-time, and over a thousand volunteers. Whilst I thought I was confident in my leadership abilities , and even more confident in my teams abilities, frustration and overwhelm grew quickly and painfully.

Priorities from all around me grew, with multiple goal posts shifting. Major costly issues from a predecessor emerged and that lead to tough questions and even tougher conversations, with few easy solutions and answers at hand.

Long term restructuring, geographically dispersed staff, multiple agendas from key stakeholders, increasing workload with decreasing resources, and a constant hum of funding cuts…it’s not new but it was real. Managing upwards was impossible; any resemblance of a supervision session was more like a venting session from the one meant to be supervising, coaching, supporting. Not a toxic culture but more of a sick culture.

Stress, frustration and isolation came home with me every single day, and you can imagine how unpleasant that was for my home life. I would get to the street where my office was located and would instantly feel sick, physically feel sick.

By taking this stress home, being unpleasant to be with, having nothing positive to offer as work was all-consuming, it was inevitable: I was given an ultimatum! I had to choose between my partner or the job.

Seeking help to manage and lead better internally wasn’t an option: it wasn’t forthcoming nor successful. The feedback from my team was positive, but I felt, I knew, I could be doing better. I wanted to be the absolute best Manager and Leader I could be but felt I needed more. Rather than just seeking that guidance at work, I took a more proactive and wider perspective.

I went out and educated myself as much as I possibly could and took on more diverse roles and opportunities. I also completed Leadership Training, an MBA, Executive Coach Training, Diploma in Career Guidance  and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

No manager or leader should go through what I went through – especially when I know they don’t have to! You don’t have to.

My story helps to illustrate why I specialise in working with managers, leaders and business owners. I thoroughly enjoy witnessing and sharing that ‘light bulb’ moment when you realise a new skill, or change a mindset that allows you to achieve something faster, more smoothly and with ease.

People are the most important asset of any organisation, large or small.  Together, we create a solution that not only helps you in your current position as a Manager, but which will serve you well in future roles. Helping you to transition seamlessly from team member to Manager alleviates a great deal of stress and uncertainty whilst equipping them to focus on the tasks at hand.

Sally Foley-Lewis_web_9509My speaking, training and coaching style is to challenge yet nurture, question and guide. I believe a sense of humour is a valuable learning tool and that more can be achieved when you are relaxed, encouraged, and maybe even laughing. Always professional and practical, but with a good measure of approachability thrown in, I enable successful results. 
I empower people to be conscious of their thinking and actions; to be authentic, strong and confident to achieve success in their role.

I firmly believe that your team’s success is your success!

I’ve worked with leaders at all levels, across a range of industries: from health clubs in Germany to shipbuilding yards and oil and gas companies in the Middle East, to community organisations in outback Australia. I’ve also helped managers and leaders in aviation, telco’s, I.T., hospitality, education, professional services and finance. In addition to my exceptional qualifications, I created the Management Success Cards, authored the book Successful Feedback and I bring diverse program and project management and leadership experiences to my speaking, training, facilitating and coaching. I’m known as a straight-talker, with a wicked sense of humour, as I inspire people to be where they belong and feel valued.




Master of Business Administration
Graduate Diploma in Management
BA Leisure Studies
Diploma in Career Guidance
Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment
Certificate in Executive Coaching
Certificate in Coaching Skills



Speaking Member of Professional Speakers Australia (formerly known as National Speakers Assoc. of Australia)
Certified Learning Practitioner
Fellow of the Institute of Learning Practitioners




Professional Speakers Australia
Institute of Learning Practitioners
Australian Institute of Training and Development
Toastmasters International


E: sally @ sallyfoleylewis.com   |   M: +61 (0)401 442 464   |   Skype: sallyfoleylewis
PO Box 727, Samford QLD 4520 Australia

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Client Testimonials

Wow, is short of explaining how awesome I find Sally and regard her expertise. Her knowledge, understanding and expertise in training people to be better managers is simply amazing. Having managed people for the many years I found her advice real, easy to implement and has had a massive impact on how I will manage people in the future. Thank you Sally.

Sean Grabbelaar, Retail Manager & Start Up Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to work with Sally Foley-Lewis on a project where Sally organised over 120 attendees for a training seminar with four speakers. Sally’s approach was professional, supportive, friendly and informative before, during and after the event. Sally ran the seminar and her approach as a MC was of the highest of standards.

Adrienne McLean, Helping Professionals Get More Clients

Sally was the MC and presented at a skills forum where I was also presenting. Sally’s engagement with the participants was a delight to watch and equally to experience. The content of her session was high quality and demanded attention. Her humour and warmth made her presentation very memorable.

Frances Cahill, Elevator Pitch Polisher | Wordsmith

Sally Foley-Lewis coordinated an excellent Resilience, Confidence & Self-Esteem Seminar for a large group of public speakers. I recommend Sally as a leader who is supportive, informative and highly professional.

Charmaine Burke, Training Director, Art of Communicating

I was so pleased and honoured that you accepted our invitation to present as the opening keynote speaker. I knew your presentation would be engaging and thought provoking – but you completely exceeded any expectations with regards to your humour, candid approach and the quality and depth of the information you provided.

Karoline Cummin, Samford & District Chamber of Commerce

Lindsay Adams, CSP Global