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Your podcast, radio or TV show is about making your mark and reaching and growing a community.


While I have been a guest on several podcasts and been interviewed across a range of platforms, I have also produced a podcast, so I get how much effort and focus needs to go into finding relevant and engaging guests. It is an ongoing and time consuming part of making your show a success.

I’d be delighted to be considered your guest . I am a middle management expert who is determined to improve and move managers! I help managers become even more productive leaders and expectional self-leaders. Great leaders start with great self-leadership.

As an author of multiple books, we can discuss the books or simply discuss specific topics. We can discuss:

  • What’s Right with Middle Management
  • Productive Leadership
  • Productivity and Time Management 
  • The top three skills managers need to be better leaders
  • How managers can stop micromanaging
  • Self-leadership
  • Firing up your confidence, influence and courage through self-leadership
  • Why self-leadership is essential for being a great leader
  • Feedback and how to engage employees 
  • Delegating to double results and halve your effort
  • Styles and motivators for better leadership

 … or if you have something similar, then let’s do this…

I’m on the @Business Excellence Podcast with Rael Bricker and Lindsay Adams today!

The show is all about helping you get more excellent in business and life.

On this episode I share some insights into self-leadership.


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It’s Lonely at the Top

Since most of us are brought up to follow rather than lead, it can be difficult to even know where to begin in management. In this podcast, Sally talks about firing up your confidence to be able to lead well and reprioritising your values.
If you’re finding it tricky to manage a team, if you want to better understand your own values, or if you simply want to learn more about yourself, then this week’s podcast is a must-listen. It will resonate with anyone who is looking to grow their leadership skills.
This is a tremendously spicy discussion that will have you thinking about your business, your team, and your people skills in an entirely new way.
Women Conquer Business » How to Be a Productive Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis

How to Be a Productive Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis


Guest Speaker – Door20a Podcast

 “You can’t do it all yourself and asking is a gift for others and you” – Sally Foley-Lewis! 2020 is the year to be brave and we are kicking off the year with our first episode with the incredible funny and talented Sally Foley-Lewis. Her superpower is to transform managers into productive leaders. ⁠⁠ I could sit and talk with her all day about the #bebrave moments she has to deal with her in life. Here she shares just a few of them with us. The added bonus in this episode is we chat about one of my favourite topics executive assistants.⁠

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