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Friday 24th May 2019   1:00pm AEST 


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In coaching conversations, clients tell me they work hard and yet struggle to keep up with their workload.

According to one study, happy employees are 12% more productive. When personal productivity is impacted by unending emails, mindless meetings, incessant interruptions and multiple shifting demands it makes sense that happiness is negatively impacted. When we feel out of control, happiness can suffer, productivity definitely suffers.

The need to feel like you’re working hard can be compelling and may actually impact your productivity. The dilemma of working hard versus being productive is challenging on multiple fronts:

1. How others perceive how hard you work;
2. How effectively you get your work done, in a world of shifting and multiple priorities; and
3. How you feel about your effort at the end of every day.

I constantly hear people saying:

“I need more time.”
“I never have enough time.”
“I struggle to back myself and say no when I want and need to.”
“I always end up putting me last.”

This means there’s scarce or not enough planning and managing of priorities; boundaries are not clear or not being respected. This leads to exhaustion, burnout and self-doubt.

The *most important* is often being neglected for the loud and demanding urgent. Most of the time your important gives way to other’s urgent, leaving your own priorities, your own time, left to last or simply left out.

Join me for this webcast where you’ll take-away:

a clear understanding of your triggers and road blocks to personal productivity.

how to hack your time and take back control.

learn the 4 E’s to truly transforming your personal productivity.

Tips and strategies for boosting your personal productivity immediately.


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