Leading Productively in Turbulent Times

Wednesday 22nd April 2020   11:00am AEST 


Our world is changing hour by hour and it will never be the same again. Staying the course when the course keeps changing is exhausting. Nonetheless, you need to maintain and sustain your leadership throughout these turbulent times. You must remain focused while also supporting the organisation to remain productive. The pressure to do more with less is relentless and will get harder before it gets easier.

Now is the time to step up your productive leadership. If you know your personal productivity is deflated then you could be experiencing increased stress, problems with mis-communication, poor results and living a work/life imbalance. If your organisational productivity is compromised this may be indicated by ineffective multitasking; stuck in busy rather than achievement; working to everyone else’s urgent and trailing behind on the important.

In turbulent times, the organisations that will survive, and thrive, are those that focus on productivity, purpose aligned planning and clear communication.

Leaders are asking what they have to do to innovate and handle the changes businesses are facing right now.




Since mid-March managers, leaders and employers are sharing their concerns with me:

  • How do I engage my remote team?
  • How do I help people focus and not go off on tangents?
  • How do I keep the team motivated through WHF?
  • I’m so much more exhausted than ever before, how can I get through this and keep my sanity?
  • What can I do to innovate and how do I adjust to the changes in how we do our work?
  • How do I do WFH without losing it – my whole family are home?

In this webcast we’ll answer these questions and more…

In this webcast you will:

  • Understanding the friction between crisis and productivity and why.
  • The four steps to a new normal and the five constituents you need to build, re-bruild, engage.
  • Planning versus panicking.
  • Being the voice of calm amidst the chaos.
  • Learn the three key focus areas of productivity and the three secret’s to success that underpin successfully leading a remote team.
  • How to identify the triggers that impacts productivity as a leader and for the team.
  • Staying positive and the impact that has on productivity: and it doesn’t start with motivation!
  • Chunking: how this can help you and the organisation through challenging times.

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  1. The link to the recording of the webcast.
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  4. Flow Notes to boost your productivity, leadership and self-leadership

… Plus more resources

Wednesday 22nd April 2020   11:00am AEST




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