How Middle Managers can SPARK Self-Leadership

Wednesday 3rd March 2022   12:30pm AEST 

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You can’t be truly confident, influential and courageous if your self-leadership is fizzling or stalled.

Great leadership starts with exceptional self-leadership.



Right now the world and the workplace feels like being the discus:

  • momentum is building but going nowhere;
  • preparations are underway to shift into a new way of working;
  • some people can’t wait to get back into the office; and
  • some people never want to return to the office.

Chatting with many managers over the last few weeks what they shared with me is the range of concerns their teams have about when and how they will ‘return to work’. The challenge of keeping everyone engaged and maintaining a sense of team while everyone is working remotely.

  • Pivot
  • WFH
  • Restrictions
  • Hard Borders
  • Lockdown

All words we’ll be glad to not say or hear once 2020 is done, once COVID-19 is done with 2020!

Our world is still adapting, while also coping, while also working; and it will never be the same again. Staying the course when the course keeps changing is exhausting. Nonetheless, you need to maintain and sustain your leadership throughout. You must remain focused while also supporting the organisation to remain productive. 

Managers are asking what they have to do now and how to prepare for next. Managers are sharing their concerns with me:

  • How do I engage my remote team?
  • How do I handle resistance for returning to the office and how do I harness the champions of return to work?
  • How do I keep the team motivated for now and ready for what we need to do next?
  • I’m so much more exhausted than ever before, how can I get through this and keep my sanity?
  • How do I answer questions when no one has an answer?

In this webcast you’ll learn five steps to handle the now and prepare for the next, with structure not stress.


In this webcast you will:

  • Learn some key metrics about work from home and how they impact you and your team.
  • Tips to maintain engagement and build the team remotely.
  • Get a handle on the mix of remote and back to work.
  • Being the voice of calm amidst the chaos.
  • Learn how to handle now and prepare for next with structure and confidence.
  • How to maintain your productivity as a leader and for the team.

You will also receive:

  1. Chapter 1 of SPARK: 9 Simple Strategies to Ignite Exceptional Self-Leadership.
  2. Self-Leadership Whitepaper.
  3. Weekly leadership and professional development notes to spark your best you.


Wednesday 3rd March 2022  12:30pm AEST