How to Find a Mentor – Free Webcast

 Wednesday 22nd January 2020   12:30pm AEST 


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There’s a tension that exists all day, every day for office professionals. No other role in the organisation experiences the same tension in the same way.

Office professionals are linchpins!

They know how to get it done! Being that one person who has their finger on the pulse of what has to happen where and when also means they are the go-to, the most interrupted person in the office.

The office linchpin is vital to an enterprise running efficiently.

Seth Godin, author of Linchpin: are you indispensable? talks about linchpin jobs as providing as much contribution as possible and only a few can it: that is the office professional.

Identifying and unleashing your personal power and boosting your productivity make you a true linchpin in your organisation!

In this webcast you will:

  1. What makes you a successful mentoree.
  2. What to look for in a mentor.
  3. Identify the type of mentoring you need.
  4. How to set up successful mentoring.
  5. Maintaining a successful mentoring relationship.
  6. Copy of The Productive Leader book (PDF).
  7. Weekly Flow Notes to boost your productivity and self-leadership.

Wednesday 22nd January 2020   12:30pm AEST

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From feeling invisible to being invincible!

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