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Wednesday 19th June 2019   12:30pm AEST 


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It’s not poor performance that impacts a manager’s productivity, according to one Zenger Folkman 2014 study, it’s being ‘stuck in the middle of everything’ that contributes significantly to the struggle with productivity.

Columbia University, in 2015, found 18% of supervisors and managers reported symptoms of depression. [To compare: blue-collar workers 12% and executives 11%.]  


There are only so many hours in the day. Yet there has never been more pressure to do more, ramp up results and deliver. Interruptions, distractions and bad habits all throw your productivity and potential into chaos.


WE’RE ON 24/7

It’s a cruel irony that in a world of immense connectivity, we feel increasingly disconnected and unproductive. The incessant emails, phone calls, social media alerts, and long unfocused meetings steal precious family and leisure time. It can seem impossible to ‘switch off’.


Being a productive middle manager means achieving more, reducing stress and maximising the right effort. Staying focused by leveraging skills, people and resources is key to productivity. The productive middle manager is in control, takes command of their calendar, inspires others and is a happier and confident leader.


I constantly hear managers saying:

“I need more time.”
“I never have enough time.”
“I struggle to back myself and say no when I want and need to.”
“I always end up putting me last.”

 This means there’s scarce or not enough planning and managing of priorities; boundaries are not clear or not being respected. This leads to exhaustion, burnout and self-doubt.


Wednesday 19th June 2019   12:30pm AEST

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Join me for this webcast where you’ll take-away:

a clear understanding of your triggers and road blocks to personal productivity.

how to hack your time and take back control.

learn the 4 E’s to truly transforming your personal productivity.

  Two key strategies to set up your today and tomorrow for success.

Tips and strategies for boosting your personal productivity immediately. 


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