Mastering Daily Communication:

The Three Key Types of Communication


Middle Managers’ Success

Tuesday 31st October 2023 1pm – 2pm AEST 

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You are never just communicating!


Middle managers need to be effective communicators, both up and down the organisational hierarchy. They need to be able to communicate the organisation’s strategy and goals to their teams effectively, as well as communicate their team’s achievements and challenges to senior leaders. The webinar will provide practical tips for how middle managers can improve their communication skills and become more effective communicators.

Gallup’s employee engagement study scares us with terrible employee engagement statistics as low as mid-20% – and consistently, year on year, study after study, one of the top 5 skills leaders must have is … communication.

How you express yourself is MORE critical today than it ever has been.

But there’s one misconception where so many leaders get communication wrong, and in this webcast you’ll explore this misconception and how to make sure you are communicating with intent and with confidence.

Your team, your direct reports, look to you for more than just information and direction.

Your colleagues rely on you for more than just updates.

Your boss relies on you for more than a report and some insights.

As a middle manager you communicate in multiple directions constantly and consistently all day, every day.

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn the misconceptions and mistakes that leaders make when it comes to communicating effectively up, down and across their organisation.
  • Learn key strategies for communicating with direct reports, colleagues and bosses.
  • Explore the importance of intent and pre-framing when communicating.
  • Discover tips for communicating during times of change and across different platforms.

This will be an interactive webcast, so when you register be sure to add your questions and we’ll make time to cover your communication questions during the session!

You will also receive:

  • Self-Leadership Whitepaper
  • Chapter 1 of The Productive Leader: How to Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Gain 2 Hours per Day
  • Chapter 1 of SPARK: 9 Simple Strategies to Ignite Exceptional Self-Leadership
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Tuesday 31st October 2023 1pm – 2pm AEST 

Can’t make the date? Register for the recording.