I had the absolute pleasure to catch up with branding, influence and communications expert Jane Anderson. We chat all things influence! Some of the many key take-aways:

🔹 The work you do on yourself can be challenging at times: that’s why the mindset and doing the work are two essential ingredients.

🔹 Having a mentor is essential – successful people don’t get successful because they did it alone.

🔹 We all have a personal brand, whether we like it or not, even employees, managers and leaders within organisations. When you grasp this, you are then presented with choices.

🔹 Ask yourself: how do you run your meetings, how visible are you, are you being heard by the right people, at the right time, with the right tone?

🔹 Clarity, communication, and control:  clarity is who are we, who are you, where are things at? Communicate, so how do we work together to get that to work and then control is about agreements and trust. 

🔹 Your LinkedIn profile is essential for being an ambassador not simply a recruitment strategy. It can be an attractor to your organisation.

🔹 Don’t poop in public! And here’s the link to the Poo Jogger story! 😳

🔹 KPMG Global CEO Survey of top 10 concerns: brand had never been in the top 16 until last year (2017) it was number 3!