This little girl is me.

She grew up below the poverty line. Her parents divorced when she was six and she spent most of her primary and secondary school days carrying three bags to school: her school bag, sports bag and an overnight bag to ping-pong between parents.

In her world view there was nothing spectacular about her childhood, it was a burden.

She grew up being slightly above average at only a few things, and significantly below average at many things. Always feeling invisible and insignificant, with only her humour to get her through.

High school was not overly enjoyable. She failed English, struggled in basic math, hated most subjects, and longed to be outside playing sport. She never felt she belonged in any one friendship circle.

Comparing herself to those who have achieved “success” kept her playing small and feeling below average for a long time.

Despite scraping through high school, she managed to achieve an undergraduate degree, an MBA, write a book endorsed by the professional development guru Brian Tracy, and gone on to write other books.

She spent too many years feeling average and being reminded she’s average.

After working with some amazing female mentors and making a commitment to invest in life long learning this girl learned there is no average when it comes to who you are.

If I could give this girl advice, I would say – focus on what your heart longs to do, to serve, and you will be seen and your work will be more than above average. Focus on what brings you joy and you will be visible. Doing good, striving to be your best, is never below average.

Why say this? If comparison to super stars, sports stars, idols, etc., stalls participation then stop comparing. Yes, there is a small percentage of the population who have risen to the top of the top, but that does not diminish what you have to offer. There will always be people who can do what you do better but they can’t do you better than you.

You are not average, how can you be? There’s only one you.

70% of little girls feel more confident after hearing from positive female role models. I encourage all the incredible women in my network to participate in this campaign by Inspiring Girls International :

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