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TEAM: The Productive Leader Package: Book + Online Live Seminar

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Book + Online Seminar + Follow Up One-On-One Coaching

Productivity brought to your team members!

For up to 15 team members / employees / stakeholders, each person receives:

  1. A copy of The Productive Leader
  2. Attendance on a 90 minute online live seminar, plus the recording and transcript
  3. A One-on-One Coaching Session following the seminar

About the seminar:

A 90 minute online live seminar to dive deeper into the three key areas of mastering productive leadership. This session will give your team:

  • deeper insight into the specific areas they need to focus on to boost their productivity.
  • understanding of how to engage their colleagues, direct reports and key personnel more effectively for greater productivity and to achieve results faster without adding extra stress.
  • strategies to achieve more.
  • tips and tools to implement immediately to boost productivity.

This seminar will include knowledge transfer plus interactivity through exercises and discussion.

Live Online 90 minute Seminar Valued at $2,000 + GST

About the book:

Time Management is a myth!

The demand to do more, with no additional resources, in the same or less amount of time is the world we live and work in now. This will not change expect to say that demand for higher, better and more cost effective results will continue to increase.

Whether you’re a CEO, HR professional, Manager or Employer, the way you lead yourself, your workload and your team will determine how successful you will be. Your ability to identify, adapt to and implement key strategies and skills to boost productivity has never been more important than now.

This book will:

✓ Uncover the key skills and attributes needed for a more productive approach to your work, your life and your team.

✓ Explore which habits hinder or help your productive and how these impact on your team and your workload

✓ Discover the ways you can amplify your productivity to bring new levels of achievement and success into your life.

✓ How you can engage and empower your team to truly drive performance and ramp up their productivity.

Book valued at $29.00 + GST (15 x 29.00 = $435)

One-on-One Coaching

To ensure the learning sticks, each person has access to a personal coaching session. This session focuses on removing any blocks to achievement, empowerment for taking ownership of productivity and injecting confidence for improved self-leadership.

Coaching session valued at $500 + GST per session ($7,500)

Total value = $9,935

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