My Brains!

Pick My Brains: I love helping people!

Helping is in my DNA! I love seeing people succeed in whatever venture they choose.

Friends, potential clients and colleagues often ask if they can pick my brains. The offer of coffee or a meal is lovely however it’s not a sustainable business practice and I am unable to say yes to everyone (as much as I’d love to say yes). If you are running your own business or practice then I would recommend you do the same; you cannot sustain the ‘can I pick your brains for a cup of coffee’ strategy. This is not about being mean it’s about value: respecting value and expertise.


What I can help you with…

  • Increasing your productivity
  • Creating your professional and personal development plan
  • Goal Getting
  • Improving your self-leadership
  • Mastering your management and leadership skills
  • Social media and blog content ideas and scheduling
  • Business book writing plan: turning your knowledge and expertise into a book

… this is just a sample. Let’s chat and see if I’m the right fit for you!


How I Can Help

1 hour session:

Face to face in Brisbane or via Skype/Zoom outside of Brisbane

$1000 + GST

Book 1 hour Session

7 + 11 =

Half day strategy session:

Face to face in Brisbane or via Skype/Zoom outside of Brisbane + 30min follow up session

$4500 + GST

Book Half Day Session

3 + 14 =

What do we cover?

Past “pick my brains” sessions have included:


  • Planning your career progression
  • Prioritising
  • Goal Getting
  • Planning, goal setting and scheduling your day, week, month and quarter
  • Identifying the important from the urgent
  • Understanding and setting boundaries
  • Emotional Intelligence and productivity
  • Understanding your procrastination triggers
  • Calendar, email, social media and text management

Small Business Productivity

  • Positioning and visibility of your brand
  • Getting speaking engagements
  • Content calendar for social media, blogs and newsletters: how to repurpose content with ease
  • Business development calendar scheduling for success
  • Outsourcing successfully

Leading Productive Teams

  • Boosting the productivity of your team
  • Helping your team members to prioritise, plan and follow through
  • Having critical conversations
  • Delegating for development, delight and de-stress
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Inspiration and advice on self- and team-leadership
  • Understanding team roles and how to get the best from team members

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