My Brains!

Pick My Brains: I love helping people!

Helping is in my DNA! I love seeing people succeed in whatever venture they choose.

Friends, potential clients and colleagues often ask if they can pick my brains. The offer of coffee or a meal is lovely however I am ruthless with respecting both your time and mine. I want you to get value from your time with me so a coffee or meal is not a sustainable business practice and I am unable to say yes to everyone (as much as I’d love to say yes). If you are running your own business or practice then I would recommend you do the same; you cannot sustain the ‘can I pick your brains for a cup of coffee’ strategy long term. The intention is not to help, it is to create the right value exchange and environment to ensure you do get what you need.  

What I can help you with…

  • Increasing your productivity
  • Creating your professional and personal development plan
  • S.M.O.O.T.H.E.R. Goal Getting
  • Improving your self-leadership
  • Mastering your management and leadership skills
  • Business book writing plan: turning your knowledge and expertise into a book

… this is just a sample, scroll down for more topics/ideas.

Let’s chat and see if I’m the right fit for you! (If I’m not the right fit I might know someone who it!)


How I Can Help

1 hour session:

Face to face in Brisbane or via Skype/Zoom outside of Brisbane

$1000 + GST

Book 1 hour Session

15 + 15 =

Half day strategy session:

Face to face in Brisbane or via Skype/Zoom outside of Brisbane + 30min follow up session

$4500 + GST

Book Half Day Session

4 + 9 =

What do we cover?

Past “pick my brains” sessions have included:


  • Planning your career progression
  • Prioritising
  • Goal Getting
  • Planning, goal setting and scheduling your day, week, month and quarter
  • Identifying the important from the urgent
  • Understanding and setting boundaries
  • Emotional Intelligence and productivity
  • Understanding your procrastination triggers
  • Calendar, email, social media and text management

Small Business Productivity

  • Positioning and visibility of your brand
  • Getting speaking engagements
  • Content calendar for social media, blogs and newsletters: how to repurpose content with ease
  • Business development calendar scheduling for success
  • Outsourcing successfully

Leading Productive Teams

  • Boosting the productivity of your team
  • Helping your team members to prioritise, plan and follow through
  • Having critical conversations
  • Delegating for development, delight and de-stress
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Inspiration and advice on self- and team-leadership
  • Understanding team roles and how to get the best from team members

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