30 Day Productivity Coaching Intensive

Take Back Control

If you don’t rule your day, the day will rule you!


In coaching conversations, clients tell me they work hard and yet struggle to keep up with their workload. 

According to one study, happy employees are 12% more productive. When personal productivity is impacted by unending emails, mindless meetings, incessant interruptions and multiple shifting demands it makes sense that happiness is negatively impacted. When we feel out of control, happiness can suffer, productivity definitely suffers.

The need to feel like you’re working hard can be compelling and may actually impact your productivity. The dilemma of working hard versus being productive is challenging on multiple fronts:

1. How others perceive how hard you work;

2. How effectively you get your work done, in a world of shifting and multiple priorities; and

3. How you feel about your effort at the end of every day

I constantly hear people saying: 

“I need more time.”

“I never have enough time.”

“I struggle to back myself and say no when I want and need to.”

“I always end up putting me last.”

This means there’s scarce or not enough planning and managing of priorities; boundaries are not clear or not being respected. This leads to exhaustion, burnout and self-doubt.

The most important is often being neglected for the loud and demanding urgent. Most of the time your important gives way to other’s urgent, leaving your own priorities, your own time, left to last or simply left out.


Did you know…


46% employees skip their lunch breaks entirely in favour of getting though more work.

4.1 Hours

According to survey data of more than 1,100 white-collar workers, Adobe found an average of 4.1 hours is spent checking work email each day.

  • More than 1,000 hours each year;
  • More than 47,000 hours over a career.


A study reported in the Journal Of Experimental Psychology found students were students were up to 40% slower to solve complicated maths problems when they had to switch to other tasks.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.’

He may be well before our time but the statement holds true!

(Image: Wikiquote)

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

What gets measured gets managed

(Image: Barnraisers)

Peter Drucker

The 30 Day Productivity Coaching Intensive will:

    Give you a clear insight into the way you work.

    Show you what’s working and what’s not.

    Give you an action plan to instantly boost your personal productivity.

    Support and guide you as you work your plan.

    Provide you with all the resources to boost your productivity.


Starts 1st June 2019

How it works:

Step 1


1st – 8th June 2019

1. Pre-audit session

2. Commence Audit

3. Check-in

Step 2


9th – 16th June 2019

1. Complete and Submit Audit

2. Reflection Exercise

3. One-on-One Coaching Session

4. Set goal(s) and Action Plan

Step 3


17th – 23rd June 2019

1. Execute Action Plan

2. One-on-one Coaching Session

3. Online Community of Practice Session:

19th June 12:30pm – 1:30pm

4. Reflection Exercise

Step 4


24th – 30th June 2019

1. Empowerment Call

2. ROI Report

3. Completion Exercise


1. 8th July 2019: Follow-up check in

2. 2nd August 2019: Follow-up check in

3. Personal development book relevant to your personal productivity.

Sally spent time coaching me in leadership and management skills. She gave practical, expert advice which I could applystraightaway. Tough insights delivered by a supportive coach.

Catrin Hobart

Snr Marketer

Sally is firm and focused when needed, yet always supportive. She is exceptionally well qualified as a coach, both professionally and personally, and her ethical approach to business relationships is, to me, one of Sally’s defining qualities. Her personal warmth and wonderful attitude instill confidence in making career decisions based on integrity and self-reflection. 

Allison Heller

Director Social Strategy

Sally is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with Sally both as a coach and in a training capacity. She brings the best out in people and keeps the enthusiasm in the room, even in the face of a tough audience. 

Sarah Carney Green

Sally is direct, focused and energised. Her ability to listen andidentify quickly the issue/s is powerful and intentional. Sally isperfect at playing ‘devil’s advocate’ and moves quickly to helpyou identify any blockages and develop solutions and methods tomove things forward. I respect Sally’s work immensely.

Nicholas Volpe

Finance Industry

This is for you if:

✓ You want to boost your productivity and need guidance on where to start and how.

✓ You are serious about achieving more, reducing stress and taking back time in your day.

✓ You want to get off the hamster wheel of ‘busy’.


This is not for you if:

✘ You aren’t ready to take positive and effective action which might be challenging at times.

✘ You want someone else to do the hard work.

✘ You not ready to invest a little extra time and thinking in the short term for a better long term result.



This will not be offered at this price again. The next round of this 30 Coaching Program will be $997 + GST.

Single Payment

$327 + GST

Single Payment

$327 + GST

Payment Installments

3 x $110 + GST