Sometimes I really love to just open a cookbook and go, “I’m going to try making that.” And then they’re other times when I open the fridge, I look what’s in there and think, “Hmmm could I be inventive today?” Sometimes there are some wins and we’re quite surprised and delighted with what appears on the plate. Whereas other times, not so much, and we dial a pizza to save ourselves. And that’s okay. I’m disappointed at one level that my inspiration and my creativity didn’t hit very well. That’s the risk but it’s also the permission to try and being open to learning.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to try something and if it’s not working, stop, adjust, learn. But be okay that it didn’t work and take the lesson.

One of the things I hear a lot a senior leaders say about their management team is, “I just want them to give something to go. I want them to get on with it. I trust them, they’re smart but I want them to think about the things they’re trying out and if it doesn’t work, then adjust. Take the lesson.

Yes, of course there are times when we can’t risk somethings but there are definitely times when there is scope that’s worth the risk. 

Productive Leadership Lessons:

  1. Give yourself permission to take some risk.
  2. Give yourself permission to learn from mistakes and risks.
  3. If the risk goes off course: stop, learn, adjust and then keep going.

Bonus Lessons:

  1. When you’re trying to change a habit, give yourself permission to try different strategies. One size does not always fit all.
  2. If the team fail, make the most of the lesson without using blame. Most people, who do want to do well, will already feel bad for failing, your ability to help them learn, bounce back and move on will make the difference between productivity bouncing forward or spiralling back and down.

 Let me know your thoughts.