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VIP Fast Track Session

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VIP Fast Track Session

Product Description

I love to help people, it’s in my DNA and knowing I can serve and help means the world to me to know that leaders and business owners are able to be powerful, successful and effective in self-leadership and productivity in their day-to-day to reach their goals.

I get lots of requests to pick my brains, every week I get asked, and while I’d love to, I am sure you’ll appreciate me saying yes to everyone would not be me walking my productivity talk. I often get asked how I get it all done; how I wrote two books in less than 3 months; how I schedule my day so I achieve more, reduce stress and have more time for myself and my loved ones.

To help resolve this, I offer one-off 1-1 (or tiny group) VIP Fast Track Sessions for clients who don’t need a long term program. This works because you get to focus on something specific that needs focus and improvement in your career, business, systems or overall productivity. This personal and fully tailored session is great when attending a public program doesn’t fit your calendar or you want that personal attention to your situation or the challenges you’re facing.

Just pick the time you need and work out what you want to cover!

What do we cover:

You may know you need some help but just not sure where to start or find it hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is, let’s talk to clarify and then we can take the next step.

If any of the following are a challenge, you might like some support or guidance with:


✓ Planning your career progression
✓ Prioritising
✓ Planning, goal setting and scheduling your day, week, month and quarter
✓ Identifying the important from the urgent
✓ Understanding and setting boundaries
✓ Emotional Intelligence and productivity
✓ Understanding your procrastination triggers
✓ Calendar, email, social media and text management

Small Business Productivity:

✓ Content calendar for social media, blogs and newsletters: how to repurpose content with ease
✓ Business development calendar scheduling for success
✓ Outsourcing successfully

Aspiring Business Book Writers:

✓ 3 stage writing plan: write your 40 000 word book in 3 months. It’s easier than you might realise, when you know how.

Leading Productive Teams:

✓ Boosting the productivity of your team
✓ Helping your team members to prioritise, plan and follow through
✓ Having critical conversations
✓ Delegating for development, delight and destress
✓ Conflict resolution skills
✓ Inspiration and advice on self- and team-leadership
✓ Understanding team roles and how to get the best from team members


Payment plan available: contact me directly on 61 7 3289 1409 or

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