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Successful Feedback

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Successful Feedback

Product Description

Do you avoid giving feedback?

Are you sick of awkward conversations, dancing around the issue?

Would you like more confidence to give effective, engaging feedback?

Successful Feedback removes the guesswork out of giving and receiving feedback and performance conversations.

Successful Feedback gives you a structured, solutions-oriented and engaging road map for performance conversations.

Successful Feedback is your ‘how-to’ for giving praise, giving constructive and corrective feedback, and ensuring you receive specific and helpful feedback.

Successful Feedback provides you with a simple formula to follow and through the case studies included shows you how to follow it.

Successful Feedback is a vital tool for every leader – it works!

Sally Foley-Lewis is a productivity and leadership expert. She is an executive coach, speaker and facilitator who develops people to take control of their self-leadership and their team-leadership. Her strength lies in her ability to build personal. People and team skills, enhance productivity and boost the bottom like of organisations. She transforms managers and business owners into productive leaders through workshops, mentoring and presentations.

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