SPARK: 9 Simple Strategies to Ignite Exceptional Self-Leadership

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SPARK: 9 Simple Strategies to Ignite Exceptional Self-Leadership

Product Description

Great leadership starts with exceptional self-leadership

💥  Has disruption to the world of work, dented your confidence?

💥  Are you struggling to have your voice heard?

💥  Are you trapped in a maze of always being switched on?

The second decade of this 21st century has seen the world of work shift in ways no one could have predicted.

Leaders today struggle to engage and influence despite seemingly endless screen time and being in more meetings than ever before.

Long hours, juggling everyone else’s priorities, burning out and losing sight of the clear line between work and home life impact on a leader’s confidence, boundaries and wellbeing.

This book covers nine simple strategies to spark self-leadership.

Leaders with exceptional self-leadership have the confidence to stand up, speak up and stand out to ensure they have:

  • the tough conversations
  • better results from better decision making
  • a voice at the table
  • visibility at the right table
  • engaged and productive people

 SPARK your confidence, influence and courage through self-leadership.

SPARK is a must-read for any leader who wants more – more success driven by more confidence, more influence and more courage.

Dominique Lamb

CEO, National Retail Association

I love this book!  Sally has brought together 9 strategies that everyone can put into practice to develop that most important muscle of all: self-leadership.

Spark is inspiring reading for everyone because it’s about the grit and honesty of what self-leadership is about, and as Sally explains is about that all-important relationship – the one you have with yourself!

There is an honesty, rawness and warmth in the accounts of those Sally has interviewed that makes this book extremely relatable.  And the opportunities to record reflections only makes it feel even more like a personal journey into self-leadership. I’d like to see this book part of final year school or first year university so that our next generation starting out can gain the benefit of the wisdom and insights on an important topic. Investing in self-leadership benefits not just the individual, but also everyone with whom we come in contact including personal and professional relationships. This is a book that you won’t just buy one – you’ll buy multiple copies for friends and family to spread the Spark!

Dr Caroline hart

Professor (Law), Associate Head of School (Engagement) - University of Southern Queensland

This book should contain the following warning – ‘You will want to read this book slowly and at least three times’. 

Spark is packed with thought provoking nuggets and practical exercises that help arm and inspire you to create a new you. Highly recommended if you have the ambition but need a nudge.

Maz Farrelly

Creative Thinker & Keynote Speaker

Sally has nailed it in her new book “Spark”. Great insights on leadership and how to lean into your own style of leadership. Valid and useful ideas that provide a “spark” for leaders at every level!

Rowdy McLean

Speaker, Author, Mentor - 2019 Keynote Speaker of the Year

That Sally Foley-Lewis would write a book entitled ‘Spark’ comes as absolutely no surprise. It’s one of the most congruent titles imaginable, coming from an author who is so adept at helping others access the spark that lights them up. Leafing through the pages of this book, I’m seeing wisdom and courage in equal measure, carefully laid out such that the reader is invited to step up and find the spark that makes their leadership shine.

Col Fink

Speaker and Adviser, Author of Speakership and Tribe of Learning.

Sally’s book SPARK is a quick and easy read, yet the ideas it contains are powerful. SPARK will quickly become a popular and influential book on leadership, its focus is on self-leadership and the strategies are clear in that before leading others you have to know how to lead yourself effectively, so you can apply what you learn to your personal and work life. When applied throughout an organisation, the guiding principles of self-leadership can result in a positive, transformative change in you and your workplace culture.

Jo Sainsbury

Kickass Women, Advocate and Speaker, and Coal Train Driver