Hybrid Workshop – US Eastern Time

$656.70 incl. GST

Hybrid Workshop – US Eastern Time

Product Description

How to get Hybrid right!

Leading and managing yourself and others when you can’t always see your team working!

Thursday 2nd and 9th February 2023

9am – 1pm US Eastern Time


  • Understand what a hybrid team is and how it differs from a remote or local team.
  • Boost your self-leadership for exceptional resilience transitioning to leading a hybrid team.
  • Identify potential issues and concerns and how to resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • Explore strategies to engage the team and help them feel connected and stay productive.
  • Learn how to measure and conduct performance conversations across the hybrid team.
  • Identify issues related to proximity and resolve them effectively to avoid negatively affecting the team culture.
  • Explore the silver linings of a hybrid team and how to leverage these for productivity, performance and profit.
  • Leadership via the lens: how to connect, check-in, check progress, and get the most out of the team when you can’t physically visit your remote team members.
  • Identify boundaries that help sustain you and your team’s respectful, professional and productive working relationships.



$597 + GST per person

This includes:

  1. Workshop (value $7,500)
  2. Editable PDF workbook (value $35)
  3. Managing Remotely and Virtually eBook (value $19.95)
  4. Set of Management Success Cards (value $57)

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