As a participant in a thought leadership program a few years ago the key lead facilitator once said, “No one cares and they’re not listening.” 

“That’s a bit harsh … actually, ouch, that’s really harsh!” I thought.

But it certainly got me, and everyone else in the room thinking about how we communicate. It was an awakening to remember to communicate to be understood especially as a leader needing to inform, inspire, to engage and bring people along a journey within the organisation. Additionally, being mindful of who you are communicating to and with: what is the best way to ensure the message is received and understood.

As a leader wanting performance and productivity, engagement is critical. How can you better communicate to improve engagement? What more do you need to know about the people you’re trying to engage in order to adjust your communication message, channel, timing, tone, etc.?

On the weekend a speaker buddy posted this TEDx talk on Facebook and it reminded me of the above ‘burn’. It’s a great provocateur for rethinking how your communicate, especially in a world where email still (unfortunately) rules the communication hierarchy. I hope it gives you plenty to think about.

Click the image or here.

Reflecting on this video, how will you change your communication with your team? I’d love to know…