Leading & Managing a Hybrid Team

How to get Hybrid right!

Leading and managing yourself and others when you can’t always see your team working!

“But I can’t see them, how do I know they are working?”

“The team think I’m monitoring them but it’s the tech that tracks all that stuff. I hate it as much as they do.”

“How do I engage with everyone when they are scattered all over the place?”

When I lived in Longreach – in outback Australia – pre Skype, pre Zoom, pre Facetime – every week I stared at the speaker on a landline telephone wondering who was that speaking, what’s so funny, what’s the in-joke, why are they all talking at once, why am I on this call?!?!?

My boss was amazing at keeping me in the loop but there were moments where I felt completely left out. Leading a team who are dispersed requires a fresh approach that conventional leading doesn’t achieve.

COVID has well and truly left a legacy! It has wreaked havoc on what we all thought was a ‘normal’ way of working. Therefore skills for leading and managing your people needs to expand and adjust. With some workers required to be on-site; others wanting a work from home arrangement; some wanting a blend; and organisation’s and governments wanting the economy to improve (yep, this impacts hybrid), this leaves today’s leaders with the challenge of leading and managing a hybrid team.

Shifting from being able to see and engage face to face to a blend of local and remote arrangements requires leaders and managers to re-think how they approach their role, productivity and performance, and still get their own work done. All without burnout!




In this live online workshop, you will explore and learn the strategies to lead and manage a hybrid team. You’ll also learn how to identify issues, communicate and engaged a hybrid team. A hybrid team formation is not all bad, so you’ll explore the silver linings and how to leverage them. You’ll also identify ways in which you can lead yourself and others successfully in diverse working arrangements. Self-leadership during these times of uncertainty, especially when your own boss may not be as accessible as they were before, will also be covered because this sets you up for being a successful leader of a hybrid team.


For years, flexible work arrangements had been on the agenda at Fujitsu, but little had actually changed. Most managers in the Japan offices still prized face-to-face interaction and long office hours—and according to an internal survey conducted not long before, more than 74% of all employees considered the office to be the best place to work. But the pandemic, Hiramatsu foresaw, was about to turn everything upside down.

By the middle of March, the majority of Fujitsu’s Japan-based employees—some 80,000—were working from home. And it didn’t take long for them to appreciate the advantages of their new flexibility. By May, according to a follow-up survey, only 15% of Fujitsu employees considered the office to be the best place to work. Some 30% said the best place was their homes, and the remaining 55% favored a mix of home and office—a hybrid model.


Source: HBR 

While it’s the equivalent of a full one-day workshop I run it over two half days for three core reasons:

  1. A full day away can be a challenge;
  2. A full day online is draining; and
  3. You’ll have a chance to apply your learning between sessions.


  • Understand what a hybrid team is and how it differs from a remote or local team.
  • Boost your self-leadership for exceptional resilience transitioning to leading a hybrid team.
  • Identify potential issues and concerns and how to resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • Explore strategies to engage the team and help them feel connected and stay productive.
  • Learn how to measure and conduct performance conversations across the hybrid team.
  • Identify issues related to proximity and resolve them effectively to avoid negatively affecting the team culture.
  • Explore the silver linings of a hybrid team and how to leverage these for productivity, performance and profit.
  • Leadership via the lens: how to connect, check-in, check progress, and get the most out of the team when you can’t physically visit your remote team members.
  • Identify boundaries that help sustain you and your team’s respectful, professional and productive working relationships.

Sally says her wisdom is for middle managers but her smart thoughts and questioning nature really helps everyone examine their problems, motivations and create their own solutions. She does this with such a lightness of touch you sometimes don’t notice she’s done it. She’s remarkable. Book her to speak then book her to train. She’s fascinating.

Maz Farally

Hi Sally, I really enjoy your virtual sessions you are so so energetic and passionate! Very informative and inspiring, you rejuvenate me with your humor and high energy. You are full of good ideas for implementing strategy and your talks are very engaging and I love the way your audience opens up to you.

Sally, you are an awesome speaker and an inspiring personality. I could 100 percent relate to everything you spoke about. I look forward to listening to more of your sessions.

Abilene Roscoe

Executive Assistant


Great leaders know that they excel when they are strong self-leaders. The self-leadership element of this workshop help you focus on the key success strategies for leading and managing a hybrid team.

What does bad leadership cost you, your team’s productivity, your business?


“This was truly a safe place where I could share my experiences and be comfortable where I am at in my leadership journey.”


Over two half-day sessions, you will discover the tips, tools and strategies to have the skills and confidence to lead your remote or hybrid team. By splitting the workshop into two key sessions, this will ensure time to implement and reflect. Both sessions are interactive and engaging so you will have the opportunity to participate in exercises, small and large group discussions, and self-assessment for growth and development.


Everyone will recieve a journal / workbook to capture their learning and goals. Including an action plan for implementing the learning from the retreat.

All the resources for the activities will be provided. 

Plus you’ll receive…


A set of Management Success Cards shipped to you.

The Managing  Remotely & Virtually eWorkbook.

Management success cards


Let’s catch up within the next two weeks to ensure the learning sticks. In this one hour online group community of practice session we will check in with participants and share the insights and wins since the retreat. This is the time to ask questions about any areas where participants might feel a bit stuck, where something hasn’t gone as anticipated. 


Your Leadership Presenter – Sally Foley-Lewis


Sally Foley-Lewis inspires and skills managers be high performing, purposeful and productive. Obsessed with boosting productive- and self-leadership that ensures people reach their potential. Sally’s presentations and programs positively impact your confidence, leadership and results.

  • 2021 University of Southern Queensland – Alumnus of the Year – Business and Enterprise
  • 2021 A.I. Influential Businesswoman – Winner – Most Inspirational Leadership Development Specialist (Australia)
  • 2021 ROAR Awards – LEADERSHIP – Silver Award
  • 2020 Gold Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services
  • 2020 Bronze Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services
  • 2020 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia
  • 2019 finalist for Australian Learning Professional of the Year
  • 2019 Australian Champion Sole Trader winner – Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • One of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices for Australia for 2018 for her thought leadership.


She is a global professional speaker, and has authored multiple books. Her book The Productive Leader received an endorsement from the renowned global personal development guru Brian Tracy. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching – live online and face-to-face – to skill managers, boost productivity and self-leadership.

Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the Middle East, Asia and across Australia Sally has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humour and an ability to inspire and make people feel at ease. Sally’s your first choice for mastering skills, facilitating action and achieving results.