I often watch Rambo dart back and forth across the yard chasing bugs.

I’m no dog expert but I believe I’m a Rambo expert: he would stand statue still to get the bug in his line of attack and then pounce on it and as his nose is squished into the ground his tail would wave frantically. I bet if he wagged his tail any harder he’d take off in flight. Capturing his spoils always accompanies an exuberant tail wag.

What we want is not blind optimism but flexible optimism – optimism with its eyes open. We must be able to use pessimism’s keen sense of reality when we need it, but without having to dwell in its dark shadows.

Martin Seligman

While we’ve got this far in life knowing our own happiness is our responsibility, the research tells us it might also be a company or business concern given its impact on productivity, and therefore profit.

 So what?

Well, because happy employees, people, business owners (aka a happy you):

  1. Care more: are more invested and more engaged in the work being done.
  2. Are more loyal.
  3. Are healthier.
  4. Spread their happiness like a virus (in a good way).
  5. Are prepared to take more risks, that is, be more innovative and creative.

Relationships play a missive part in workplace happiness. If you’re a soloprenuer then your network and your industry and association memberships are critical: spending time amongst others building strong relationships helps boost happiness. Helping out a co-worker on a task also contributes to happiness via strengthening relationships.

Meditation and gratitude are also happiness boosters that help improve productivity. A 2 minute meditation daily (I use guided ones as my mind skips and dances off on tangents) maybe all you need. Daily gratitude through reflecting on a few things you’re grateful for will also shift your mood.

Are you happy? 

I’d love to know your thoughts…

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