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How leaders can increase performance, motivate and engage their team

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If you or your managers and leaders experience any of the following then it’s time to ramp up feedback confidence and skills…

  • If I say anything, he accuses me of bullying.
  • If I try to address work performance she starts crying and we never actually discuss performance.
  • I had one member of my team who would schedule appointments when we were supposed to have the performance meeting. She dodged me all the time. Wasted so much time chasing the meeting.
  • The paperwork is so time consuming. I don’t know what happens to the information once I submit it. I’m told it is part of determining the annual development plan for the organisation, but I rarely see anything on that plan from what my team asks for or what I ask for.
  • I hate to admit it but I call my most challenging employee the ‘teflon kid’: every time I try to address his performance, he blames everything and everyone else. Responsibility slips right off him!
  • I don’t know how to start feedback conversations, especially difficult conversations, I hate to be the ‘bad guy’ with the bad news.
  • I feel so fake when I try to give some praise before I actually bring up the real feedback: everyone know’s it’s a ‘sh#t sandwich’, it feels awful.
  • My boss keeps telling me to ‘catch them doing things right’, I know she means to praise but I don’t know how to say it without sounding cheesy.

When feedback is delivered well..

  • employees’ self-image is enhanced and, therefore, they feel valued and part of something worthwhile.
  • productivity increases and improves through clarity of goals and expectations and, as a result, employees use their time more effectively.
  • interpersonal communication improves.
  • trust deepens.
  • conflict is resolved more effectively.
  • resilience as a team improves
  • as a leader, you are respected and valued more.


72% of respondents in one study stated they would prefer to receive feedback that provided corrective guidance. (Zengler Folkman)

This program will provide the skills, structure and templates to equip managers and leaders with the confidence to provide corrective (and supportive) guidance.

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