Book: Successful Feedback

The one simple formula you need for highly-effective feedback.

“I have started reading your book and it has already given me cause to stop and think about how I give feedback. So far the bit that hit me was the planning bit, sometimes I give feedback on the run; now I feel that comes across as telling not being interested in what the other person might have to say.” B.Kelly

Giving feedback is often like having teeth pulled without the painkillers.

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Successful Feedback gives you a proven formula for giving and receiving feedback that:

  • … Is solutions oriented with a commitment for change
  • … Avoids the grumpy, defensive retaliatory response
  • … Encourages an open and positive conversation


This is the real ‘how-to’ anyone can pick up and follow instantly.

Not only is it set out in easy to follow steps, the real cases clearly demonstrate how the formula really does work.

Being on the receiving end of badly delivered feedback leads to resentment, further poor performance, costly mistakes continuing and seemingly endless turnover. The formula in Successful Feedback works – it makes the tough conversations easy.

Get your copy today and ensure better working relationships! 

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Grab it on Kindle: only $9.97! Click here to download


I have found using the feedback formula, makes difficult conversations much easier. When people are aware of the effect of their actions it is easier for them to change and commit to the change. I have used the feedback formula both in positive and negative situations with very good results. G. White

A vital tool for every manager.


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Grab it on Kindle: only $9.97! Click here to download