When it comes to achieving the results you want, or the results expected of your role, your leaders, your team, accountability is key.

Without accountability you:

⚠️ chase your tail,

⚠️ procrastinate,

⚠️ get distracted, and

⚠️ maybe best of all your mind creates the most amazing excuses (that, by the way, only you believe)!

With accountability…

…especially public, you are now held to an agreement, a contract, a bind that, if broken, not only means you’ve not achieved what you set out to achieve, you have also created an impression of unreliable. That impression, whether it’s in your eyes or in the eyes of others, it’s hard felt and hard to shake at times. And this is why accountability works.

According to a workplace accountability study, cited by Talent Culture, it revealed that 82% of respondents have no ability to hold others accountable, yet 91% of people rank accountability as one of the top needs they’d like met at their organisation.

My mentor challenged me to write a book in three months. After I choked on the sip of coffee I was having at the time, and made a few comments in resistance, she helped me create the writing plan. The book was written in less than 3 months. I surprised myself, felt even more confident that I had that accountability and could do it. I also ‘held up my end of the bargain’ with my mentor. Every session with my mentor came the book progress check. I even had a few friends on Facebook cheer me on. I also made it super public by having taking pre-orders. That was a powerful lesson: “Wow, people have paid for this promise of a book, I must deliver.”

Even though I keep leaders and managers accountable through coaching and mentoring, it’s always valuable to be reminded!

Accountability is one key to the process of productivity success. Without it, too much can slip through the cracks leaving you stressed, kicking yourself and losing confidence. It is essential part of any coaching and mentoring I provide.

If your leaders are struggling with prioritising, having the right conversations to improve performance and productivity of their team members, or just have poor time management then the Productive Leaders coaching program will provide all the keys from productivity success, including a healthy dose of accountability.

I’d love to know your thoughts…