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Supporting Others While Still Protecting Your Work Time

Guest Speaker – Door20a Podcast

“You can’t do it all yourself and asking is a gift for others and you” – Sally Foley-Lewis! 2020 is the year to #bebrave and we are kicking off the year with our first episode with the incredible funny and talented Sally Foley-Lewis. Her superpower is to transform managers into productive leaders. ⁠⁠ I could sit and talk with her all day about the #bebrave moments she has to deal with her in life. Here she shares just a few of them with us. The added bonus in this episode is we chat about one of my favourite topics #executiveassistants.⁠


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5 Types of Sales Goals Every Sales Manager Should Have

“Get in on the goal-setting for yourself as well as your team, and some very specific types of goals at that. Says Sally Foley-Lewis, managers need “a professional development goal for themselves and their team members completely unrelated to sales! For example, interpersonal communication skills, leadership and management skills, feedback skills, delegating skills, or productivity/time management….

“When a salesperson becomes a sales manager for the first time they are often not equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to make a successful transition from operational to managerial. Very few companies have readiness programs where operational high potentials are equipped with managerial and leadership skills either just before and just as they step into a managerial role.””

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Business Reporting: 4 Ways to Report Poor Performance To Your Boss or Client

“Sally Foley-Lewis of Sally Foley-Lewis | People & Productivity™ reminds us not to lose the possibilities in the problem. “In addition to the actual bad news, it should be presented with what that bad news means and ideas to fix, adapt or adjust. That is, what’s the impact the bad news will have on the metric, don’t ignore any potential silver lining – what opportunities this could actually reveal. What steps or ideas are on the table to address the bad news to lessen or fix the impact.””

LinkedIn Top Voices 2018

LinkedIn Top Voices 2018
Future Leaders Summit 2018 Speaker

The Learner's Edge

Self-Leadership Success Summit

Future Leaders Summit 2018 Speaker

Future Leaders Summit 2018 Speaker

Guest Speaker - Little Challenges Podcast

Overcoming procrastination and perfectionism with productivity expert, Sally Foley-Lewis.


Guest Speaker – Expert Insights Show

6 December 2018: Linking Technology & People to Drive Workplace Productivity

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1 September 2018: It’s time to stop recreating content: How to be a more productive facilitator with Sally Foley-Lewis (Episode 31)

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January 2018: The 3 keys to being a productive leader

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Guest Speaker – Amplify Podcast

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence, Building Trust in the Workplace and Knowing What is “Enough”


Guest Speaker – Amplify Podcast

The Journey versus The Destination in Entrepreneurship

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