Communication is the biggest issue employees have when describing what they wish their manager would improve. These tips can help your boost your communication and productive leadership.


1.  Employees want to be told how they are going and what is expected of them. Start with why and build from there.

2.  To understand how you can improve communication in, around and through your team, ask them and ask your colleagues. They’ll appreciate you making the effort to be a better leader for them (and yourself).


3.  Delegation does not mean giving away your power. You will always be ultimately responsible but don’t let that stop you from using delegation to develop others, lighten your load and de-stress. Consider delegation as your friend.



4.  Encourage the team to take ownership of their goals by allowing them input into the process of goal setting and goal getting!



5.  Employees shouldn’t have surprises at review time. Regular feedback is a must.



If quick tips work for you, the Management Success Cards are perfect as they are coaching cards you can use at any time for a quick boost to your management success!

What’s the best tip you’ve received that helped you be a better manager?