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“Leadership programs can work, and work well, if they use a multi-tiered approach. Effective training depends on the combined use of personal growth, skill-building, feedback and conceptual awareness. In addition, programs must provide an opportunity for participants to practice what they have learned back at the office, and top management must demonstrate a commitment to the process.”**


Pairing my 20 years of experience with exceptional qualifications I bring learning and development programs to life ensuring a return on your investment. I structure programs that use a range of methods to ensure learning is embedded in the training room, and most importantly, back at work where it matters. One of my tag lines is, “Their Success is Your Success”, this holds true for how I approach delivering management skills development programs: your success is my success.

Do you have a people management (team) problem?
Do you need to address the productivity of your team?
Want to explore ways to further build your management skill set?


I would love to help you today. 

Benefits of hiring Sally: to You as a Leader, Manager or Business Owner and to Your Organisation:

  • Improved skill and productivity
  • Focused approach to the work and achieving strategic goals
  • Better relationships across and within the organisation
  • Increased confidence of your managers and leaders
  • Assumptions challenged allowing for stagnant thinking to shift
  • Better conversations that lead to creativity and innovation
  • Reduced stress, motivated and inspired to achieve greater results
  • Better time management
  • More strategic networking and stronger networks
  • Improved workforce performance through more direct and effective feedback conversations
  • More skilled workforce through more open and effective delegation for development


Training, Masterclass and Seminar Topics:

From Operational Employee to People Manager:
… Identifying the key shifts needed when taking on the manager role for the first time
… Dealing with the challenges of the new role: letting go, managing mates, articulating the company vision into the operational, etc.
… Managing up, managing down and managing across

Interpersonal Communication:
… Listening skills: understanding the value of listening
… Understanding how a message flows so that management communication (instructions, feedback, directions, coaching, meetings) is clear, complete, concise and correct
… How behavioural styles impact on communication and management success

Delegation: for Development, Delight & De-stress:
… Identifying the value of delegation for the manager, the team, the organisation, the bottom line
… Knowing why, what, when to, when not to, and how to delegate for success
… Eliminating the roadblocks that many managers face when dealing with delegation

Feedback and Performance Management: Pain Free Feedback Package
… Being clear about whom the feedback is for and why
… Being able to give feedback that effects real behaviour change
… Being able to give feedback that genuinely supports and recognises great work
… Using the performance management process as a key management tool rather than viewing it as a hindrance

Conflict Resolution: Conflict Resolution Package
… Understand what conflict really is and how it can help and hinder
… Increase self-awareness to increase self-control
… Handle conflict with respect, confidence and positive results

Coaching and Mentoring Skills:
… Understanding the difference between these two roles
… Building the skills essential for the manager to be the coach or to be the mentor
… Implementing these roles into the everyday manager’s day as effective and valuable tools

Cross-Cultural Team Management:
… Appreciating what culture means and its impact on the organisation, team and individuals
… Valuing the differences and drawing on the richness cultural diversity can provide
… Bringing a cross-cultural workgroup together into a team

… Assessments are excellent tools to identify an individual’s or teams’ current capability, understanding or style.
… Assessments, used as pre-intervention or pre-testing, help inform the direction of coaching and training by identifying areas of strengths and areas for focus. This saves time and money by ensuring only relevant skill areas are targeted.
… Assessments, used in post-testing, will validate training and coaching returns on investment.
… Assessments available include:

: Extended DISC – behavioural styles assessment
: 360 Question Bank
: Decision-Making Style Inventory
: Change Management Predictor
: EI/EQ Smarts – to help understand and improve emotional intelligence
: Jonico Window – to help understand and improve on delegation and empowerment
: INSIGHT Inventory – improving personal effectiveness
: Visionary Leader – leader behaviour
: Conflict Dynamics Profile – helps managers and employees deal with conflict behaviours in the in workplace


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Trainer / Master Facilitator Expense Requests:

In addition to the program fee (varies with length components of the program), I request round trip full coach airfare, ground transportation, and lodging. I will always arrive the day before a presentation and depending on timing may need a second night’s stay. I will take care of miscellaneous expenses.

For presentations within SEQ (up to 200km radius from Brisbane), I will often drive to the venue.


A-V and Room Setup Requests:

I prefer to use a wireless lavaliere or ‘Madonna’ handsfree microphone, if the room and participant numbers are so large a mic is needed. If slides or PowerPoint are required we can confirm equipment requirements upon booking. Depending on participant numbers, a number of flip charts will be required for facilitation and participant group work. I do appreciate a glass or small bottle of water.

Participant manuals, handouts and notes: we can discussion the requirement of these as appropriate the program. We can discuss the most cost effective method of providing collateral, without comprising quality.

As much natural light as possible and a lit staging areas gives the best results for both facilitator and participant.


More Client Testimonials:

“Wow, is short of explaining how awesome I find Sally and regard her expertise. Her knowledge, understanding and expertise in training people to be better managers is simply amazing. Having managed people for the past 6 years I found her advice real, easy to implement and has had a massive impact on how I will manage people in the future. Thank you Sally.” Sean Grobbelaar, North Sydney Times Chief Editor & Village TV Host


“I strongly recommend Sally Foley-Lewis as a Management Trainer and Coach for you and the supervisors and managers of your organisation. She combines top credentials, a keen sense of urgency, sharp facilitation skills and a very personable and engaging communication style to deliver recommendations and programs that improve staff performance. I continue to rely on Sally for her management wisdom – because it works!”  Robin Dickinson, RAD International


“Sally presented an informative, practical and relevant training session to The Speakers Practice – Practice Forum. Sally quickly engaged with the group and kept their interest for the whole session. It was a highly interactive session and the group felt comfortable to enter into discussions with Sally. Certainly, all the groups needs were addressed and the attendees felt comfortable with discussing the issues raised. The session was practical and handled with experience to an adult audience. I can highly recommend Sally as an experienced Trainer and Coach. Sally is highly professional and is very approachable and friendly. Thanks Sally for your brilliant training session.” Adrienne McLean, The Speakers Practice


“Sally is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with Sally both as a coach and in a training capacity. As a trainer Sally is fully of energy, engaging and incredibly creative. She brings the best out in people and keeps the enthusiasm in the room, even in the face of a tough audience. Her ideas for our away day were brilliant, on budget and enjoyed by everyone who participated.” Sarah Green, Senior Project Specialist at Telstra


“Sally is a professional MC, trainer and speaker who connects with the audience’s needs as well as the organisations needs. Sally is a creative leader who engages with the topic/purpose of an event and offers valuable suggestions to enhance the experience for all involved. Sally’s ability to understand the needs of the audience and organisation has lifted the quality of training and seminars within District 70 Toastmasters. I have been blessed to have been coached by Sally and my training sessions and training plans have improved dramatically in a short time. I highly recommend Sally as an MC, trainer, speaker and coach.” Kaylene Ledgar – Region 12 Candidate for International Director 2014-2016



** Source: http://members.ilpworldwide.org: Can We Really Train Leadership


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Client Testimonials

Wow, is short of explaining how awesome I find Sally and regard her expertise. Her knowledge, understanding and expertise in training people to be better managers is simply amazing. Having managed people for the many years I found her advice real, easy to implement and has had a massive impact on how I will manage people in the future. Thank you Sally.

Sean Grabbelaar, Retail Manager & Start Up Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to work with Sally Foley-Lewis on a project where Sally organised over 120 attendees for a training seminar with four speakers. Sally’s approach was professional, supportive, friendly and informative before, during and after the event. Sally ran the seminar and her approach as a MC was of the highest of standards.

Adrienne McLean, Helping Professionals Get More Clients

Sally was the MC and presented at a skills forum where I was also presenting. Sally’s engagement with the participants was a delight to watch and equally to experience. The content of her session was high quality and demanded attention. Her humour and warmth made her presentation very memorable.

Frances Cahill, Elevator Pitch Polisher | Wordsmith

Sally Foley-Lewis coordinated an excellent Resilience, Confidence & Self-Esteem Seminar for a large group of public speakers. I recommend Sally as a leader who is supportive, informative and highly professional.

Charmaine Burke, Training Director, Art of Communicating

I was so pleased and honoured that you accepted our invitation to present as the opening keynote speaker. I knew your presentation would be engaging and thought provoking – but you completely exceeded any expectations with regards to your humour, candid approach and the quality and depth of the information you provided.

Karoline Cummin, Samford & District Chamber of Commerce