How to become a productive leader:

Achieve more, Reduce stress and Take back 2 hours per day!

“The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.” ~ Dennis Waitley

Time Management is a misnomer! Productivity through task-, team- and self- leadership is how your team leaders can achieve more, reduce stress and take back 2 hours per day. Understanding and mastering the skills for boosting productivity gives your organisation the competitive edge.

According to Gallup, Teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive and have 28% less internal theft than those with low engagement. The first and foremost influencer of employee engagement is their team leader!

In this 1-day workshop, Sally will teach you how to increase productivity, team- and self-leadership skills that directly positively impact engagement and results. She will share relevant and real-life case studies and practical advice as well as facilitate exercises and activities to embed learning.

Attendees will learn:

what productivity really is and what it isn’t – dispelling the myth of time management and ‘you can have it all’

where their productivity is now in order to create the right plan of action to boost their productivity
the three key areas of productivity: personal, professional and people      
… Personal Productivity: Habits, Time Wasters, Procrastination, Focus, Self-Motivation, Scheduling You      
… Professional Productivity: Urgent v Important, Clearing Space, Email Management, Effective Meetings, Multi-tasking      
… People Productivity: Delegation, Feedback, Coaching, Team Building, Conflict
the three underlying success factors for sustained productivity:    
… Clarity: Vision, Goals, Goal alignment    
… Boundaries: Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, Being Assertive    
… Relationships: Rapport, Trust, Listening, Stories, Influence, Interest
how to plan and prioritise for stress-free achievement
how to support and guide the team in planning and prioritising
time saving tips, tools and tricks Participants will be offered ample opportunities to ask questions and engage with other participants to exchange ideas and information.
This program is an excellent way to gain a deep understanding of the key skills needed to become a productive team leader. Anyone who is tasked with leading and managing a team will benefit from attending this workshop. Attendees will:
hear practical ideas and information you can immediately apply
meet other professionals
hear success stories and case studies from a proven leader and expert facilitator
learn how to leverage your activities and time to maximise your results
pick up immediately implementable strategies to boost their own and their team’s productivity.
receive a set of Management Success Cards to have on hand and use as a daily self-coaching resource.
get inspired to share their new productive leadership with their team!


Management Success Cards (valued at $A97.00)


“I strongly recommend Sally Foley-Lewis as a Management Trainer and Coach for you and the supervisors and managers of your organisation. She combines top credentials, a keen sense of urgency, sharp facilitation skills and a very personable and engaging communication style to deliver recommendations and programs that improve staff performance. I continue to rely on Sally for her management wisdom – because it works!” – Robin Dickinson, Sydney

This workshop is for:

Team Leaders

Frontline Leaders

Supervisors and Shift Supervisors

Management Teams

Middle Managers

High Potentials – employees identified as being promoted into a managerial role within the next 12-18 months

New Heads of Departments

Technical experts or specialists who’ve been promoted into people management roles


Sally boosts productivity by helping dedicated professionals to achieve their goals and master their leadership skills. Obsessed with productive leadership, Sally positively impacts your results, confidence, effectiveness and the team’s performance. It’s all about managing yourself and confidently leading your team to achieve more than you dared possible. Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the UAE, Asia, and even outback Australia, with exceptional qualifications; a wicked sense of humour and an ability to make people feel at ease, she’s your first choice for mastering skills and achieving results. Sally is a dynamic and interactive presenter, MC, and much sought after facilitator and executive coach. Sally’s clients rave about her. She leaves the audience ready to take action If you would like to run this as an in-house course for your team, please contact Sally on 0401 442 464.  



Register today and I’ll send you a hard copy of my book, The Productive Leader: Achieve More, Reduce Stress, Take Back 2 Hours Per Day

Planning is underway for this workshop to be delivered in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in the last half of 2018.

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  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne venues to be determined
  • Time: 9am-5pm


Your investment (excluding GST)

Your investment includes:

  • Workshop
  • Workbook
  • Set of Management Success Cards
  • Morning and Afternoon tea and Lunch
  • A refresher webinar within three months
  • Invitation to attend the Middle Managers Muster breakfast


If you would like to run this as an in-house course for your team, please contact Sally on 0401 442 464.

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Client Testimonials

Wow, is short of explaining how awesome I find Sally and regard her expertise. Her knowledge, understanding and expertise in training people to be better managers is simply amazing. Having managed people for the many years I found her advice real, easy to implement and has had a massive impact on how I will manage people in the future. Thank you Sally.

Sean Grabbelaar, Retail Manager & Start Up Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to work with Sally Foley-Lewis on a project where Sally organised over 120 attendees for a training seminar with four speakers. Sally’s approach was professional, supportive, friendly and informative before, during and after the event. Sally ran the seminar and her approach as a MC was of the highest of standards.

Adrienne McLean, Helping Professionals Get More Clients

Sally was the MC and presented at a skills forum where I was also presenting. Sally’s engagement with the participants was a delight to watch and equally to experience. The content of her session was high quality and demanded attention. Her humour and warmth made her presentation very memorable.

Frances Cahill, Elevator Pitch Polisher | Wordsmith

Sally Foley-Lewis coordinated an excellent Resilience, Confidence & Self-Esteem Seminar for a large group of public speakers. I recommend Sally as a leader who is supportive, informative and highly professional.

Charmaine Burke, Training Director, Art of Communicating

I was so pleased and honoured that you accepted our invitation to present as the opening keynote speaker. I knew your presentation would be engaging and thought provoking – but you completely exceeded any expectations with regards to your humour, candid approach and the quality and depth of the information you provided.

Karoline Cummin, Samford & District Chamber of Commerce