P&M 04: What to do when you, the manager, has to recruit

Getting the right person in the right job at the right time for the right price is the target you want to hit: this podcast is designed to help you hit that target.

One of the tasks that pops up on a managers calendar that is not as simple as it seems is recruitment. So often you are called on to recruit for vacant positions when recruitment is probably not your main area of expertise. If your organise helps you with this process that is great but so often it is something that is left up to the manager to muddle through on their own.

I interview Bronwen Kaspers about tips and tools and the what-not-to-do of recruitment. We discuss shortlisting strategy and ways to make recruitment easier.

Bronwen’s background:

Bronwen KasperBronwen Kaspers is a Sydney based Careers Counsellor, Professional Resume Writer and CEO of Trumpet Page, an Australian-first digital resume builder.

She has helped over 4000 people successfully gain employment by teaching them how to identify and market their skills and build their job interview confidence.

Bronwen works with a broad range of clients – from school leavers and young professionals through to more experienced managers and executives.

For more information about Bronwen and Trumpet Page: http://www.trumpetpage.com.au  

And for a giggle, I found this picture of a job application letter on Facebook and thought it quite (in)appropriate for this episode (if you’re viewing this text from any other site than my website click here to view and have a giggle):

Job Application Letter

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