P&M 02: Do It All, Be All Things: Control Your Control Freak

In this podcast, DO IT ALL, BE ALL THINGS: CONTROL YOUR CONTROL FREAK I speak with Holistic Health, Business and Mindset Coach, Kylie Patchett, about the very false notion that as a manager and leader you have to have all the answers, you have to be brilliant at everything, you have to be the one to do it all perfectly and how it impacts on health and happiness. We take a holistic health approach to this conversation.

Kylie’s background:

Kylie PatchettKylie Patchett is a Holistic Health, Business + Mindset Coach, Inspirational Author + Speaker, and Founder of The Tall Poppy Project, who escaped her corporate cubicle in medical and forensic science to live and retrain as an integrated health and human behaviour specialist in New York City.

Kylie’s natural exuberance and dynamic personality paired with her health, online entrepreneurship and human behaviour expertise has combined to make her one of Australia’s leaders in women’s self mastery.

One of her areas of genius is helping high achieving women breakthrough their own mental BS to get the health, and ultimately the life, that they REALLY want.

Her second big love is helping heart-preneurs breakthrough the mindset nonsense that prevents them from bringing their world-changing business ideas to life, and finding that sweet spot where passion and profit collide.

Her clients say her down to earth, been-there-done-that attitude shines the light on their own potential in life and business – and makes it perfectly okay to NOT want it all!

You can find Kylie at www.kyliepatchett.com

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