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61% of Australian businesses are sole traders with no employees: Australia runs on the hard work of small business! Yet according to the Ombudsman small business is the least assisted sector of the economy. Small business – from sole traders to those with a few employees – need to find ways achieve more, to grow their business in ways that don’t cause more stress or strain on resources. 


“I can’t afford to outsource, and I can’t afford not to outsource.”

“I’m switched on and plugged in all the time, I’ve forgotten to look after myself … I’m losing my connection to my family.”

“Coffee meetings and networking consume so much of my time for little return.”

“I’m an expert in my field, I wish that was enough, I hate having to sell myself.”

“Chasing my dream drives me but an uncertain income is a constant source of stress.”

I hear these comments constantly and it’s tough to find quality guidance, support and accountability to boost your productivity to achieve more, reduce stress and take back time.


You need to have a clear understanding of where you’re losing money, time and energy through investigating your current productivity habits, practices and processes so you can take immediate action to pump up your productivity and your success.

It takes ~20min to get back to where you left off once you’ve handled an interruption, according to research reported in the HBR. When you add to that, on average 2 to 3 hours each day are spent handling interruptions, this means productivity is suffering!

In this fast-paced, switched-on world we live in, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in work, not keeping up, not making any progress. The pressure to do more with less has not eased up at all. The pressure to be productive is not being matched with enough resources, time or attention.

Would you like to get to the end of your busy day – at a reasonable hour – and feel more satisfied with what you’ve achieved?


Then now is the time to pump up your productivity. If you know your productivity is deflated then you will, if not already, experience increased stress, struggle with client deadlines, push to exhaustion to reach your best, [which, in your heart, you know could be better, if only you had more time]! You may have a work/life imbalance and you may notice you’ve let your most enjoyable past times disappear.

Ineffective multitasking and not really addressing your productivity barriers will impact on you having greater productivity, greater happiness, greater success.

Now is the time to stop! Analyse your productivity and find where the big and/or hidden leaks are so you can pump up your productivity and keep it pumpin’!


Want to learn more? Check out the P.U.M.P.™ for Small Business webcast recording:

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You should P.U.M.P.™ if you are:

✓ A solopreneur or small business owner who works from home: is at your desk before the rest of the house wakes up and is back at the desk once everyone else has gone to bed!
✓ You crave your weekend because then you can catch up on work with less clients contacting and interrupting you …
✓ No matter how hard you work you still have a full inbox.
✓ You multi-task to get through everything but you don’t feel like you’re winning.
✓ You’ve got so much to do but don’t know where to start, or how to start.
✓ When people ask how you are or “how’s business”, you give an auto response of “Busy”! or maybe you’ve updated “busy” to “It’s insane!” [Yep, I heard that recently.]
✓ Wanting to get back your sense of control, especially if you have a high level of stress and feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Don’t miss P.U.M.P.™ if you have more tasks, jobs and demands than you have time available.


Without awareness, skills and focus, results will never reflect the desired level of productivity. It’s about working more effectively with the resources you have, keeping you (or you small team) engaged, focused and driven. It’s time for you to get deeper INSIGHT into how you spend your time so that you can stop feeling as though your efforts are invisible.

Productive solopreneurs and small business owners stop reacting and stomping out spot fires and RESOLVE to take a more considered approach to responding to requests, distractions and interruptions. Productive solopreneurs and small business owners are DISCERNING; they master key self-leadership skills – such as removing procrastination triggers, swapping out bad habits for good habits, outsourcing or delegating, strategic networking and influencing and prioritising – to ACHIEVE more while simultaneously developing themselves and growing their business.

Instead of ‘just getting by’, productive soloprenuers and small business owners are prolific and are constantly adding value to their business offering: because they’ve put their productivity as a priority they have the time, energy and focus to find ways to PROSPER personally and for their business.

What is P.U.M.P.™?

This is a blended 90-day program that includes:

One-on-one half day mentoring session: this will help give you clarity on where your productivity is now and help you set your personal goals for getting the results you want for success.
 Personal planner and all relevant resources for your specific goals.
 Weekly 15 min private top-up coaching sessions.
 Email/Text support throughout the 90 days.
 Access to a private Facebook Group for networking, support and accountability

A copy of the book The Productive Leader
Self-Assessments to gain better insight into how you handle your time wasters, procrastination, energy.
21 days of Productvity Hot Shots delivered to your inbox every morning for 21 days to help keep your productivity pumped!



Email me today to discuss which program suits you.

Payment plan available, email me to arrange: sally @


“I saw the topic and knew I had to book in! Even in the first half hour I got my money worth. Thank you, Sally” J.T. Supervisor


Want to learn more? Check out the P.U.M.P.™ for Solopreneurs webcast recording:

Click here to watch.

During the full P.U.M.P.™ program you will:

  • Uncover what hinders your productivity.
  • Gain greater awareness of how you manage your time, energy and focus.
  • Reduce your time wasters for improved and increased personal productivity.
  • Direct and better control your time, resources, priorities and schedule.
  • Put the notion of important and urgent back into perspective rather than living under a constant pressure to get more done faster.
  • Learn strategies for being more productive to gain better results.
  • Increase your self-confidence and sense of achievement through being more productive.


Check out this video testimonial from Alex!

“Thanks Sally for a very professional, friendly and entertaining presentation. The interactivity throughout the session meant that many had the opportunity to participate. The information was very valuable and it was interesting to hear the questions and experiences from the audience. Well done Sally!” Rick Haynes

P.U.M.P.™ Highlights

The Productive Solopreneur / Small Business Owner

  • Productivity audit: what gets in the way and what works well.
  • The three key area of productivity.
  • The three secrets to productivity ease, confidence and success.

Personal Productivity

  • Busy versus Achievement.
  • Personal Time Wasters and Habits.
  • Procrastination and its Triggers.
  • How to tackle procrastination.
  • Schedules and You.
  • Identify when you are at your best, most alert, prime time.

Professional Productivity

  • Clear Your Spaces, (yes, plural).
  • What multitasking is and what it really isn’t.
  • Why we multitask and what really happens to you when you do it.
  • The pitfalls of multitasking, and how to avoid them.
  • Using goals, intention and routine to minimise multitasking.
  • Environmental Time Wasters.
  • How to win the battle of important work versus urgent work?
  • Using your ‘To Do’ List in the real world.
  • Making your ‘ToDo’ List do-able.
  • To-Do, To-Don’t, To-Done!
  • Make emails work for you and your productivity.
  • Making time chunking and batching work for you.
  • Interruptions, Time Trades, Audits and Space: learn how these will add to your productivity.

People Productivity

  • Improving your interpersonal skills to minimise costly mistakes, mis-understandings and delays.
  • How to handle a crisis when dealing with suppliers, project staff, clients. 
  • Outsourcing and delegating – make them your new best friends for pumped up productivity.
  • Networking and Influence – critical for saving time and boosting success
  • Make your meetings more productive: client meetings, networking, coffee meetings…
  • Less meetings, more effective communication.

Check out this video testimonial from Vivianne!

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Client Testimonials

Wow, is short of explaining how awesome I find Sally and regard her expertise. Her knowledge, understanding and expertise in training people to be better managers is simply amazing. Having managed people for the many years I found her advice real, easy to implement and has had a massive impact on how I will manage people in the future. Thank you Sally.

Sean Grabbelaar, Retail Manager & Start Up Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to work with Sally Foley-Lewis on a project where Sally organised over 120 attendees for a training seminar with four speakers. Sally’s approach was professional, supportive, friendly and informative before, during and after the event. Sally ran the seminar and her approach as a MC was of the highest of standards.

Adrienne McLean, Helping Professionals Get More Clients

Sally was the MC and presented at a skills forum where I was also presenting. Sally’s engagement with the participants was a delight to watch and equally to experience. The content of her session was high quality and demanded attention. Her humour and warmth made her presentation very memorable.

Frances Cahill, Elevator Pitch Polisher | Wordsmith

Sally Foley-Lewis coordinated an excellent Resilience, Confidence & Self-Esteem Seminar for a large group of public speakers. I recommend Sally as a leader who is supportive, informative and highly professional.

Charmaine Burke, Training Director, Art of Communicating

I was so pleased and honoured that you accepted our invitation to present as the opening keynote speaker. I knew your presentation would be engaging and thought provoking – but you completely exceeded any expectations with regards to your humour, candid approach and the quality and depth of the information you provided.

Karoline Cummin, Samford & District Chamber of Commerce