Your Legacy  

reportstacked_729x736Being aware of your behaviour and its impact on others can be challenging at times. If you can look at or understand your behaviour and its impact from another person’s perspective it gives you a greater self-awareness and empathy for others. It helps to improve your emotional intelligence and stretches your communication skills. If you struggle to see how your behaviour impacts on others, try this Legacy exercise as a starting point. Grab the worksheet here: your-legacy


50 Success Secrets for Women in Business eBook

By Pegine

13557774_10153808004642309_2680497995462412383_n“You are a powerful, passionate, purposeful, prosperous and playful female. Here are 50 success secrets for women in business, leadership and who have influence (or want it). I am surrounded by the most amazing and powerful women who are self made women. Over time I’ve culled some of their and my own insights for you.”

Be a feisty, fearless, focused, flourishing, fun female who rocks our world.  Grab it here




Who Are You? Matrix

reportstacked_729x736Have you ever caught yourself thinking:

“Why do they behave that way?” or
“Why do they present information like that?” or
“Why do I always worry that s/he doesn’t get me?”

Then you need to complete the Who Are You Matrix. This is an individual, or team, exercise designed to help you increase your self-awareness therefore helps to build your team awareness so you can communicate more effectively. It’s designed to show you how you can adapt your communication so that your messages are received accurately and easily. As a team activity, it will help reduce communication barriers by building better relationships through greater awareness of each team member. Instructions are included: Who Are You Matrix


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Engaging Questions

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.27.26 PMThe Employee Engagement Network hosted by David Zinger. Member son th network were asked to provide a question in relation to employee engagement. The compilation is here: Employee-Engagement-Questions




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Employee Engagement in One Sentence

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.30.41 PMThe Employee Engagement Network hosted by David Zinger.Another compilation of wisdom from network members. What would be the advice you would give to an organisation regarding employee engagement, in one sentence? The compilation is here: Employee-Engagement-Network-Advice-Book




Employee Engagement: Powerful Sentences of Advice for Managers

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.33.10 PMThe Employee Engagement Network hosted by David Zinger. Another compilation that focuses on advice for Management to improve employee engagement. The compilation is here: Employee-Engagement-Manager-Free-Ebook




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Quick Management Tips [Videos]

Playlist Intro Placeholder

You’re busy and time-poor so you need your management and leadership development to be delivered to you in quick, bite-sized videos. With that in mind I’ve creating lots of free Your Quick Management Tip videos: adding more all the time. They are short coaching videos just for you.

A huge range of topics all based on giving you management tips and coaching questions: style, communication, delegation, feedback, productivity … you name it, it’ll be there.

Speaking of you naming it, if you have a topic you want as a Quick Management Tip let me know. I’m more than happy to credit you, or not if you wish to remain anonymous.

They are short and sharp videos aimed to ignite insight and thinking which I trust you will act on!

Click Here

How to use the videos:

Suggestion 1:
1. Watch the video and write down the first three actions that instantly come to mind. Don’t overthink it, just write them down.
2. Once you’ve got the three actions written down, pick the one action that either makes the most sense or makes you the most excited – do that one thing!
3. You can come back to the other two actions and do them, or share them with your staff to delegate them.

Suggestion 2:
Share the video with your team and start a conversation. If you’re stuck for how to start the conversation ask any one of these questions:
– From watching the video, what is the first action you could or would take before the end of this day/week/month?
– From watching the video, what is the biggest block or resistance you feel or think about the topic? How could we as a team overcome that block or resistance to make our workplace better?
– From watching the video, if we were going to use the content to inspire a team goal for the next month, what would that goal be?

Remember these questions are intended as conversation starters, once you ask the question and the team respond be sure to shift into ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION in order to achieve RESULTS.

Enjoy, learn, share! Click here


The 90/90/1 Rule inspired by Robin Sharma

reportstacked_729x736Do you have a long term project that you’ve always thought was a brilliant idea, would really improve work, opportunities, services, profits, but just haven’t knuckled down to complete it? Here’s a great rule from Robin Sharma [the man who wrote The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari], I think it’s a really useful productivity booster. Be clear though, make sure the project / opportunity is really going to give you a great return on your time, money and effort investment. You can use this one-pager to guide you in how to use the 90/90/1 rule: The 90901 Rule



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Time Blocking Checklist & Plan

brochure_880x909Blocking off time to focus on one singular goal or task will help you get through your work, help you achieve your goals effectively and productively. Multi-tasking is not productive for everyone. Time blocking is one way to really get your work done AND have a fantastic sense of achievement. The first time I time blocked I got a little distracted but have since practiced and have loved the sense of achievement overtime I do it. I get the work done and you can too, use this checklist and planner to help you: Time Blocking Checklist & Plan


Stress: Identify It, Reflect On It, Act On In

brochure_880x909When you can identify clearly what is stressing you, you’ll be in a much better space and place (mentally, physically and emotionally) to find and create strategies to deal with it. Imagine picking a solution out of a lucky dip without knowing what the problem / issue / challenge is in the first place! Not really the best use of your time and energy to deal with what is happening in your life. Use this free resource to clearly identify what is the stress, what impact it’s having on you and then what actions you can take to eliminate or reduce the stress.

You can download the template here: Stress Identify Reflect Act




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64 Productivity Tips

brochure_880x909Here are plenty of tips for you to try out.

  • Success hint 1: Only try one at a time, really make sure it is the right fit for you, or not. Then move onto another.
  • Success hint 2: Print out this sheet and cross out those tips that you know don’t fit or feel right for you. Then pick 3 tips that seem the most exciting to try, narrow those three down to one and start with that one.

You can download your 64 tips here: Productivity Tips



Team Performance Check Up

brochure_880x909What you may think is a high performance team, individual members, customers or stakeholders of that team may think otherwise. It’s always a good idea to give the team a check up and that includes getting the team members to also do a check up. Use this simple template to look for areas that may need addressing.

You can download this template here: Team Performance Check Up





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Coaching & Mentoring: Setting It Up For Success

brochure_880x909One of the biggest reasons for mentoring and coaching relationships not working well – e.g. disagreements, misunderstandings or alternatively fall into friendship and don’t achieve goals – is not setting up the whole relationship for success and focus. These tips will help you get started on the right foot and ensure you continue your coaching or mentoring with structure, purpose and success. This is great for you if you are wanting to ask for a Coach or Mentor or if you’ve been asked to Coach or Mentor someone.

You can download your free Coaching & Mentoring: Setting It Up For Success here: Mentoring and Coaching




A – Z Tips for Managers

Quick tips for new managers plus a free template to create your own tips. brochure_880x909

You can download your’s here: A to Z Tips for New Managers




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eBook: 3 Word Wisdoms

3 Word Wisdoms is a collection of 3 word lessons, statements, ideas that can inspire you, motivate you or remind you to take action (or even stop some action).


This resource is not about converting you to any specific way of thinking, being or doing. It’s about giving you little wisdoms for those moments when you may need that little boost of external help.

As you read a wisdom let the words be whatever they may be for you. In some cases, say the sentence three times putting emphasis on a different word each time, from doing that you’ll get three different meanings e.g.

  • Speak Your Truth:  speak up and share it with others
  • Speak Your Truth: speak about your own truth rather than others, people want to hear about your journey
  • Speak Your Truth: speak only your truth, share whats really going on, lift the protective mask and show the real you

Download your copy here:  3 Word Wisdoms

If you have a 3 Word Wisdom you want to add to the collection, email it to me at sally @ sallyfoleylewis dot com




Free Smiles Poster

brochure_880x909This is a fun and simple reminder that a smile can change mood, make someone’s day, lighten a tense moment and it’s free. Sometimes to smile can be quite a challenge so a little visual reminder may help. If you have a notice board that’s visible to clients, customers or stakeholders think about putting this up for them. Have some fun

You can download your Free Smiles Poster here: Free Smiles




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Do Not Disturb Poster

brochure_880x909To make time chunking more effective let others know you’re not available and for how long you’re not available. Set yourself up for success and manage others expectations of communicating with you when you want to really be uninterrupted and 100% diamond focused on one task.

Print and laminate this poster so you can re-use it. Remember to put a pen and some notepaper near your poster so people can leave you a message.



You can download the poster here: PleaseDoNotDisturb




Light & Dark Gratitude Journal

brochure_880x909Writing down the light and dark of your day whether it’s work, home or personal can help you make sense of a situation and give it perspective. It’s important to also take a moment to say thanks, to recognise what you are grateful for. Once you have written on both your dark and light sides, pay attention to how you are feeling and what you are thinking: is it better, clearer, less stressful? Notice the ideas or solutions that have emerged from your writing (or popped into your head while you were writing). Be sure to capture those ideas so you can act on them.

Grab your Light & Dark Journal Sheet here: Light and Dark Gratitude Journal Sheet




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Delegation Plan

brochure_880x909Delegating is not easy! So many factors can impact on the success of delegating: time, stress, willingness, resources and people available, just to name a few. If you want your delegation efforts to be successful then you must plan it. Take your time in planning and setting expectations rather than wasting your time in fixing errors, double checking and answering questions that could have (should have) already been answered.

Grab your Delegation Plan template here: Delegation Plan





Interruptions Audit

brochure_880x909Do you hear others complaining about how often they are interrupted when they’re trying to do their work? Do you get interrupted a lot? Complete this Interruptions Audit to truly measure how often you’re being interrupted and if those interruptions are acceptable. Be sure to consider the difference between urgent and important as you complete the audit. To make this a truly valuable tool, reflect on each interruption and decide what you’ve 1) learnt from it, and 2) what you’ll do next time.

You can get your Interruptions Audit here: Interruptions Audit





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