Foster Wisdom: It’s part of Productive Leadership

Whilst in the United Arab Emirates recently I visited the Louvre Abu Dhabi on Yas Island and picked up the book written by Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “Reflections on Happiness & Positivity”.


I want to share with you the last sentence from the back cover blurb:

“The way to repay our educators is to educate. The way to foster wisdom is to spread it, and the way to increase knowledge is to share, analyse and develop it.”

Have you ever had to work with or had a boss that used information as a tool for power and manipulation? Whether they were explicit or passive aggressive, they would hold back from sharing information just so you were ‘put in your place’ or reminded that they had the power. In this instance they may be in power but they certainly are not in leadership, let alone productive leadership.

The quote from the book is gold because it reminds us that as leaders when we foster wisdom by sharing it, when you increase knowledge by sharing, analysing and developing it, it is healthy for productivity, growth, trust and making sure work can get done in and across your team.

When you share your wisdom and you’re curious and explore, and you respectfully question and challenge, then we are all going to benefit and we’re all going to get better results and be more productive.


I’d love to know what your thoughts…

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