Followers or Leaders

@tom_peters posted on twitter: “Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders.” – Tom Peters

I do like this quote from Tom Peters as it inspires and challenges.  The interpretation I am going to apply to this quote is that it inspires leaders to be good role models as others are ‘following’.  It challenges leaders to consider and invest in developing followers into future leaders.  Both of these require certain doses of maturity, self awareness, self confidence, thinking, judgment, confidence in others, to name a few.

What’s your interpretation of the quote: “Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders.”?


  1. What a wonderful statement, as by definition, leadership can’t be authentic leadership, if all one creates is a clan of clones.

    In my view, and that’s all it is, as leadership is not a topic I can speak to, leaders draw out the best in people. I don’t mean in a namby pamby way, as some leaders can be quite rumbustious. Nevertheless, by association, others are called to perform, develop their potential as leaders.

    Leadership is not an easy task, as it requires one’s ego take a back seat to the vision, but when the ego is in check, their authority develops a ring of authenticity.

    Great discussion Sally

    • As always Catherine, you bring insight and thought to the discussion, thank you.
      With ego in check I think so much more can be achieved, and that is from any one, irrespective of whether they carry a leadership title.

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