ASK: The one thing Managers seem to consider a last option



A: Answers can come from the most unlikely, not (initially at least) obvious places. When you ask a question, you are engaging others and their answers may surprise and delight you.


S: Seek to understand before being understood. This (paraphrased) principle of Covey’s (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) is gold, pure gold. Take the time to understand where the other person is coming from: their meaning, their intentions, their thinking so that you don’t get slipped up by any misguided assumptions. From that point you will be better informed and much better equipped to share what you know.


K: Knowledge is power. It sure is and you do not have all the knowledge! Sorry to say but it’s true. You do not know everything, and neither do I. Ask: get input, get ideas, get the background story, get collaborating, get out and ask. When you ask, you engage, and when you engage, you improve relationships, and when you improve relationships, you improve the flow of information.


What are you waiting for, go ask. Ask me something if you like.

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