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July 2013, CCSA Connections – Published Article




April 2013, CCSA Connections – Published Article

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November, 2012: Tonkin’s EA/PA Skills Forum – Workshop Presenter and Conference Day Two Chair



October, 2012: Ryde Business Forum: Boardroom BreakfastWorkshop Presentation

Successful Delegation

If you know you have tasks that others could, even should, be doing, yet you’re still doing them, delegation is an essential tool to be added to your management skills set.  There’s nothing worse than taking the risk to delegate a task then have the whole experience fail, for everyone.  There is an ‘art’ to delegation which helps ensure success.  Sally will share some of the ‘art’ with us.


September, 2012: Sydney Business Month – Presentation


How To Grow and Manage Your Team

Business success often means growth in terms of growing the team, needing to employ your first staff member or bringing on more staff.

Being able to grow and manage a team goes well beyond the technical components of recruitment, pay scales, awards, etc.

If you manage a team then you know you need to delegate, problem solve, give feedback and deal with others working to your deadlines and standards. Empowering employees to think, problem solve and take the initiative is part of growing the skill set of your team.

September, 2012: Speakers Practice – The Speakers Forum: Presentation
Making PowerPoint Content Boost (and not BOMB) Your Presentation


September, 2012: Australian Computer Society & Commonwealth Bank – Presentation: Professional Success Skills


August, 2012: Ryde Business Forum: Boardroom Breakfast – Workshop Presentation

Dealing with Difficult Employees:

When you stop and think about your most difficult employee (or supplier or contractor), what do you believe is the real intent of their behaviour?  Once you can identify the intent, you can then use strategies that engage the person in a positive way for results that you want.  Sally will guide a discussion into identifying the key types of difficult employees and how you can deal with each in a way that strengthens rather than deteriorates relationships.


August, 2012: Intercoiffure, NSW – Management Skills for Salon Managers 

Is management an art or a science … or is it just plain frustrating?  

How familiar is this for you:

  • You’re confident you’ve set clear expectations, after all the manager nods agreeably.
  • You feel you’ve communicated your message fully, as indicated by the manager responding ‘yes’.
  • You sense a high level of engagement and empowerment with the manager, after all they seem to be chatting openly with you …

… then why is that you don’t get the results you were expecting? 

What is missing when it comes to helping managers manage effectively? 


July, 2012: City Business Swap – Breakfast Presentation

Getting the best from the team, by giving the best of you!

At times of business growth, apart from the paperwork that goes with employing or contracting staff, we are often too busy protecting and growing the business to stop and look at the people management skills that are now mission critical for future business success.

Building and maintaining trust and confidence of the staff, letting go and letting the staff get on with the job can be big challenges for some business owners.  Not, or inadequate, delegating; aggressive, tokenistic or no performance feedback; and poor listening skills all impact negatively and financially on a business … reputations can be damaged and profits that should be in your pocket instead of being spent on recurring staff turnover … this can be avoided.


June, 2012: Ryde Business Forum: Boardroom Breakfast – Workshop Presentation


“Why don’t they do what I ask and expect?”  Sound familiar? Learn why your staff or contractors behave the way they do and how to change that. Presenter Sally has a wealth of experience in dealing with [management and people] issues, and we know you’re going to get a lot out of this workshop (and enjoy great coffee and a continental breakfast).

May, 2012:  District 70 Toastmasters International Conference – Educational Session Presentation

“Thanks Sally for a very professional, friendly and entertaining presentation. The interactivity throughout the session meant that many had the opportunity to participate. The information was very valuable and it was interesting to hear the questions and experiences from the audience. Well done Sally!”  Rick Haynes


Photos by Suben Subenthiran

April, 2012: My 15 favourite Australian e-learning bloggers Ryan Tracey


March, 2012:  Connecting Forward by Dr Jordi Robert-Ribes

I provided a case study for Jordi’s book with respect to living as an expat.



For more information, or to order, the book click here.


February/March 2012, Executive PA Magazine

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28 February, 2012:  Australian Computer Society NSW – SIG: Presentation: Managing Your First Staff Member


January 2012: Australia’s Best Building and Construction magazine

The 2012 industry forecast edition.

Magazine/Publisher website > Click here

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12th January, 2012:  MiracusG (YouTube Channel)

3 Success Tips for Leaders in New Management Positions

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16th December, 2011: Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA) Christmas Event
Filmed by Your UntoldStory 



1st November, 2011: segment on Managing Self

Guest on Eagle Waves Radio, with Angela Vithoulkas









24th October, 2011: segment on Delegation

Guest on Radio 2SSR 99.7 FM, with Angela Vithoulkas







23 September, 2011: Inspiration Zone

Article: Get Outof Your Own Way for Success










28th July, 2011:  Presentation to Wild Fig Service Alliance, Central Coast, NSW 








February 2011: Article for Abu Dhabi Living

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January-February, 2011:  Helping the survivors of Qld Floods and TC Yasi

Being a Queenslander now living in Sydney I felt a sense of hopelessness when it came to watching my fellow Aussies live through both the Queensland Floods and TC Yasi (Qld). My husband and I donated money to the Premiers Fund but for me I needed to do more.  My friend Catherine White, writer and photographer, interviewed me about what I did and how it affected me, this is her piece here.


1 January, 2011: Inspiration Zone

Article: What Makes a Great Leader?











13 December, 2010: Featured on Radsmarts

Knowing what you’re good at and knowing when you are not, is a pretty important thing to know!  Check out this post about my learning curve on just how much time I should spend on things I know nothing about versus going straight to the expert!


Thursday, 25 March 2010: Abu Dhabi Week Magazine: Passion turned into profit – featured in article

Think the life of the typical Abu Dhabi wife is filled with coffee mornings and pedicures? Think again. The capital is teeming with talented, educated women who – perhaps for the first time in their lives – have the option to choose whether or not they want to work.

Couple this financial freedom with a dearth of decent part time jobs, and opportunity comes knocking. Without money as the main motivator, more and more women in the capital have decided to go out on a limb and try something new. Meet three female entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into careers that might serve them for a lifetime.

Sally Foley-Lewis

Executive, career and personal coach

Though she didn’t know it at the time, it seems Sally Foley-Lewis has been in training for her current position her whole career. “From day one, my career has been about training, facilitating, teaching, and helping people build their skills,” says Sally, who first worked as a psychiatric hospital recreation officer. “In the hospital environment, even though it was based around leisure and recreation, my job was really about teaching patients skills for living – whether it was cooking, exercising, or wood working.”

Sally arrived in Abu Dhabi from her hometown of Brisbane, Australia, five years ago. After completing her MBA, Sally happened upon an opportunity to spend a year working on a pilot program with the Australian Trade Commission.

From there, she moved to a company that specialises in training. When she branched out on her own, she was finally able to utilise the skills she’d been developing all along. “In all the positions I’ve had, it’s been about skills, empowerment, helping people achieve the things they want to achieve,” explains Sally.

These days, Sally works for herself in a field that is sometimes called ‘life coaching’, a term she feels doesn’t fully encompass all that she does. More specifically, Sally performs the roles of executive, work place, business, and personal coach.

Why coaching? “I always want to learn new things; I want to constantly develop and grow,” says Sally, who was attracted to the profession in part by the group dynamic. “I was getting interested in seeing how coaching is evolving, and how the value of coaching really has an impact on people, whether that’s in the workplace or in a small business or with an executive or on a personal level. For me, the transition to coaching just came naturally.”

After a lot of painstaking research, Sally found a course that suited her and learned how to become a personal coach. “I’ve earned my certificate, and I’m working on becoming credentialed with the International Coach Federation. I have to complete a certain number of hours plus other requirements, but it will give me more credibility.”

story by Laura Fulton


18-24 February, 2010: Abu Dhabi Week